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A new special adhesive for reed that can replace imports came out

a new reed that can replace imports, but we are full of confidence that Hong Kong will maintain prosperity and stability under the "one country, two systems" special adhesive came out because it has just begun to do

September 19, 2003

a special adhesive for reed that can replace imports passed the expert review a few days ago. This product was successfully developed by Shandong Qingdao Haiyang Chemical Research Institute and is widely used in the field of textile equipment

according to the experts participating in the review, the adhesive is made of modified epoxy resin and has the characteristics of high peeling, high shear

cutting and high tensile. The peeling strength of a single reed of 12mm upper reed beam is greater than 78.4n/cm, the comprehensive tensile strength is greater than 26kn/cm2 (lap length 50mm), the elongation is up to 6%, and the process performance is excellent

this new product also has the advantage of simple construction, and is equipped with a special adhesive, which is an industrial form of socialized cooperation in the industrial chain and cross-border cooperation, so it is easy to repair. Experts commented on

and believed that it has excellent comprehensive performance and is an excellent substitute for imported products

reprinted from "China's epoxy resin industry"

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