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According to foreign media reports, according to the new regulations released by the U.S. government on Monday, iPhone users will be able to legally unlock their electronic locks to download software applications that have not been approved by apple

according to the federal law issued by the U.S. government in 1998, users are not allowed to bypass technical measures designed to prevent unauthorized use, and the above decision announced today is one of a series of new exemptions. The library of Congress, which is responsible for supervising the Copyright Office of the United States, has been preparing for the promotion of product standards for a long time every three years. It will review and approve exemption provisions to ensure that this law will not prevent the specific non infringing use of copyright protected materials

in addition to allowing the cracking of iPhone electronic lock, other exemption regulations to be announced by the U.S. government in January are also golden. 4. It continues to improve the standard system of industrial green development policy. Some features of the mechanical testing machine include:

1. Allowing users to break access control to change operators

2. Allow users to break the technical protection of video games to investigate or correct security defects

3. Allow university professors, film school students and documentary film producers to break the copyright protection measures for DVDs, so that they can be implanted into clips for educational purposes

4. Allow computer users to bypass the external security device named dongle, provided that it no longer works and cannot be replaced. Sina Technology

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