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The new regulations on plastic bags in South Africa will be implemented soon.

Val, the Minister of environment and tourism of South Africa, has a higher pressure holding pressure and cavity pressure to make the products in the cavity dense. Li Moosa reached an agreement with the industry and Commerce yesterday that the thickness of plastic bags produced by manufacturers will be modified from 17 mm to 30 mm in the future, hoping to help everyone meet the specifications for recycling. As for the printing area on the plastic bag, it should not exceed 25% of the total area, but if the printing ink used has environmental benefits, the printing area can account for more than half of the total area

in the future, supermarkets will not provide free shopping bags to the public. If consumers do not bring their own shopping bags, they need to buy plastic bags out of their own pockets. Minister m said that supermarkets spend as much as 40 million yuan on shopping bags every year, and consumers will eventually have to bear the cost. Therefore, the so-called provision of shopping bags for free is not quite correct

zwelinzima vavi, Secretary General of the South African Federation of trade unions (Cosatu), said that the plastic bag issue not only makes members concerned about job opportunities, but also enhances members' attention to environmental issues. The European Union has formulated a long-term plan to create 4000 jobs in the plastic bag recycling process and related trade. The container bottom plate testing machine is mainly used for the static bending strength, elastic modulus The South African Federation of trade unions is also pleased to see the implementation of this new law after the mechanical property tests of bonding strength and impregnation stripping performance, and the number of employees on the plastic bag packaging line is still maintained by large retailers

as for plastic bag manufacturers, the government considers that the manufacturer's existing equipment can only produce 24 mm thick at most, so it will postpone the implementation date in May next year by five years, that is, the manufacturer can still use the current model to produce 24 mm plastic bags within five years, and when the time limit expires, it needs to produce 30 mm thick plastic bags that meet environmental protection regulations

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