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Fuzhou: recyclable packaging has been used

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core tip: Introduction: according to the Straits metropolis daily report, the "measures for the administration of mail express packaging" implemented from March 12, express delivery enterprises use packaging that meets national regulations, Priority should be given to reusable

introduction: according to the requirements of the measures for the administration of mail express packaging implemented since March 12, express delivery enterprises should use packaging materials that meet national regulations, give priority to reusable and recyclable packaging materials, optimize mail express packaging, and reduce the use of packaging materials. According to the "measures", users should not put forward unreasonable requirements such as too much wrapping tape for the packaging operations carried out by couriers in accordance with the specifications; For recyclable packages put into use by the delivery enterprise, the recipient shall return the recyclable packages to the courier after taking out the inner parts. What is the specific implementation of these requirements? What are the views of Fuzhou citizens on this? In the interview, express companies believed that this would reduce the cost of enterprises, while citizens said that it should be based on the specific situation, not generalize

1. Express point: paper suitcases can be reused, and they will be packaged according to items.

at a rookie post station on Xiufeng Road, Jin'an District, Fuzhou, I saw all kinds of express packages neatly stacked on the shelves, where there are express deliveries from Zhongtong, Shunfeng, Yuantong, Yunda, Baishi and other enterprises

there are basically only two kinds of packages for these express packages: paper suitcases and plastic bags. In addition to collecting express, there is also a delivery service here

ask the person in charge of the post station whether the express packaging here will be recycled

Mr. Chen, the person in charge, told that some customers would unpack the package on the spot after taking the pieces, and they would put away the paper suitcases they left, and provide them to the guests free of charge when the customers send the pieces, while the plastic bags were easy to be torn when torn open, and would not be reused basically

in Baishi express store near Jinshan Avenue, most Express items are packed in cartons, and no excessive packaging is found

according to the staff, they mainly choose which packaging to use according to the fragility of the mailed items. At the same time, customers can mail directly after packaging themselves, without using the unified packaging in the store. As for the new regulations, he said that he was aware of them, but that they had little impact on his work

interviewed several citizens randomly at an express delivery point near Hualin Road, Gulou District

Ms. Chen, a citizen, said that the express package was used many times and returned to the courier after unpacking. These measures are related to environmental protection and should be supported by citizens

Mr. Zheng, a citizen, said that what kind of packaging should be used for express delivery depends on the specific situation. For example, some fragile goods, valuables, or objects with high requirements for the sealing of packaging need several more layers of packaging, so it can't be generalized

2. Enterprises: to a certain extent, it will reduce enterprise costs

what impact will the introduction of this policy have on express delivery enterprises

an industry insider said that the introduction of this policy has reduced the corresponding cost for the express industry. For example, one recycled packaging box can be used for at least 50 times, which is equivalent to saving the cost of 50 cartons

in the "measures", it is proposed that users should not put forward unreasonable requirements such as too much winding tape, which also means that the use of tape can be reduced every year

for the "priority to adopt reusable and recyclable packaging materials, optimize the packaging of mail express and reduce the use of packaging materials" mentioned in the "measures", the relevant person in charge of SF express Fuzhou said that they have been using express packaging within the standard range in accordance with the national requirements. In addition, SF Express has established three R & D channels for the recycling, reduction and recycling of packaged products

a staff member of Fuzhou Express Industry Association said that at present, most express enterprises in Fuzhou have been carrying out a number of performance experiments such as stretching, tightening and twists on various materials in accordance with some requirements of the measures, such as avoiding excessive packaging

3. Department: special treatment will be carried out

a staff member surnamed Chen from Fuzhou postal administration told that for the "measures" issued by the State Postal Administration, they would implement them in accordance with the relevant policies of the State Postal Administration and Fujian Provincial Postal Administration. At the same time, the phenomenon of excessive packaging has been supervised and managed, and then special treatment work will be carried out according to relevant requirements

if the enterprise fails to comply with the relevant requirements, will it face the punishment of convenience and practicality in obtaining the experimental data of various materials

Article 40 of the measures stipulates that if the packaging materials used by the mailing and delivery enterprises do not meet the national regulations, the postal administration department shall order them to make corrections within a time limit. If they fail to make corrections within the time limit, they shall be fined not less than 5000 yuan but not more than 10000 yuan; Article 41 stipulates that if the delivery enterprise fails to inform the agreement user of the packaging requirements in writing at 200 ℃± 0.10 350 ℃± 0.12, the postal administration department shall order the optimization period of the limited abrasive structure to correct, and may impose a fine of less than 5000 yuan; Article 44 stipulates that if the packaging operation of mail express by a mailing and delivery enterprise obviously exceeds the packaging requirements of the contents of mail express, the postal administration department shall order it to make corrections and may impose a fine of not less than 1000 yuan but not more than 5000 yuan

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