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On May 9 this year, the 44 meter high pharmacist tower in Jiming temple in Nanjing ignited a raging fire due to electrical failure, which attracted the attention of all sectors of society. In addition, the previous 11.15 fire in Shanghai and the fire in the new CCTV building... Cases of high-rise building fires have attracted the attention of the whole society to the fire safety of high-rise buildings. Recently, it was learned from the Legislative Affairs Office of the provincial government that the first provincial government regulation on the fire management of high-rise buildings in Jiangsu Province, the regulations on the fire safety management of high-rise buildings in Jiangsu Province, has entered the stage of soliciting opinions. A hearing will be held in September to invite people from all walks of life to participate

fire safety of high-rise buildings

according to national regulations, civil buildings more than 24 meters are high-rise civil buildings (hereinafter referred to as high-rise buildings). In view of the current situation that there are often different owners or users in high-rise buildings, the "Regulations" on high-rise buildings 3 The measuring range of the universal tensile strength tester of steel wire rope is not enough to make it clear to those who are responsible for building fire safety, so as to prevent the future "wrangling": the owner of high-rise buildings is the person responsible for high-rise building fire safety. When a high-rise building is contracted, leased or commissioned, the fire safety of all parties shall be specified in the contract. If there is no agreement or the agreement is unclear, the fire safety shall be jointly borne by the owner and the user

if the same high-rise building has two or more owners and users, it shall establish a unified fire management organization or entrust the property management enterprise to be responsible for the fire safety work, and report to the fire protection organization for the record

gasoline of more than 1 kg shall not be stored indoors

the exposure draft of the regulations specifically stipulates the obligations of residents in high-rise residential buildings one by one: it is strictly prohibited to install fuses that do not meet the requirements, or dismantle, change, or install 2016 gas facilities and appliances without authorization; Inflammables such as gasoline, alcohol, banana water, etc. exceeding 0.5 kg shall not be stored indoors; Keep the stairs. Today, the manufacturer of the experimental machine will tell you what matters should be paid attention to in the actual operation process of the hydraulic universal experimental machine. The walkways and safety exits should be unblocked, and items should not be stacked; Protect fire-fighting facilities and equipment, and do not damage, misappropriate, dismantle or stop using without authorization. Once residents find that there are behaviors such as illegal use of fire and electricity and damage to fire-fighting facilities and equipment in the building, they should report to the unified fire management organization of the building in time

incombustible materials must be used for the outer walls of high-rise buildings

during this period

in recent years, many experts have pointed out that the external thermal insulation materials used for the outer walls of buildings have become the driving force of fire. In this regard, the exposure draft requires that the external thermal insulation materials should be used in accordance with the relevant national and provincial regulations, and the decorative layer of the outer walls should be made of incombustible materials in addition to paint. The fire protection design of high-rise buildings must be reviewed before obtaining the pre-sale license. If they are put into use without passing the acceptance, the construction unit will be responsible for the fire safety of the building

newly built, reconstructed and expanded high-rise buildings shall go through fire design review, fire acceptance or filing procedures according to law; If it belongs to a public gathering place, it shall be put into use and business after passing the fire safety inspection according to law

refuge floors should be set in high-rise ward buildings

the exposure draft also puts forward some specific technical requirements for high-rise buildings: fire hose reels should be set in indoor fire hydrant boxes; The fire control room of large high-rise public buildings should be set on the first floor of the building near the outer wall; Refuge floors (rooms) should be set in high-rise buildings that are not easy to evacuate, such as the ward building; For important public buildings with a building height of more than 100 meters and a standard floor area of more than 1000 square meters, roof helipads or helicopter rescue facilities shall be set up in accordance with national standards

fireworks are forbidden around tall buildings

fires caused by fireworks are also numerous. The draft stipulates that high-rise buildings should delimit no fire and no smoking areas according to the fire risk, and set up eye-catching warning signs. No unit or individual may produce, sell or store inflammable and explosive dangerous goods in high-rise buildings and their underground parts. It is strictly forbidden to set off fireworks inside or within a safe distance around high-rise buildings. However, how far is this "safe distance" in the end? The exposure draft does not give an exact range

in addition, the prohibition of the use of liquefied petroleum gas in the underground part of high-rise buildings has also been written into the regulations

a relevant person from the Legislative Affairs Office of the Jiangsu provincial government told that in November last year, the provincial public security, construction and other departments jointly issued a departmental regulation on the fire safety management of high-rise buildings. This time, the provincial government legislation will cover a wider range. According to your opinions, the Legislative Affairs Office of the provincial government will revise the draft for comments in preparation for the hearing

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