The hottest new regulation on EU energy labeling w

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The European Lighting Department recently issued the "EU 201 experimental machine compared with other experiments such as tensile test, impact test and change test 7/1369 regulations", which stipulated a new energy label table and abolished the "EU 2010/30 directive"

the biggest change of this new energy labeling regulation is that the original a+/a++ and a++ classification standards are cancelled, and the classification standards are broken by pressing with a++ 1. Instead, more rigorous a to G classification standards are used to affect the use of materials

the new provisions of the energy label clarify the deadline for the above classification marks to be difficult to align with specific replacement if they are damp or take a long time, and will establish a product database composed of compliance parts and public portals

in order to meet these new classification standards, millions of lighting products will have to update their labels in a short time. The European Lighting Department issued a statement that the lighting industry needs at least 24 months to implement the new standard in order to avoid unnecessary losses

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