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New regulations on solvents in the printing industry in Germany

the cabinet of the German government adopted the draft regulations on the use of solvents, and used this regulation to translate the corresponding European norms into German law. It is estimated that the Federal Parliament will formally pass this regulation before the summer vacation this year. The regulation aims to continuously reduce the formation of ozone near the ground. As the discharged solvent is the leading substance of ozone, the new regulations also apply to web rotary printing equipment (excluding condensing web machines and 1. Sheet fed printing machines using polypropylene materials in automotive interiors). The specific scope of application: the solvent consumption of thermosetting rotary machines is 15 tons, that of commercial gravure rotary machines is 25 tons, that of packaging gravure printing and time waits! Cui Lixin said that the flexographic wheel machine is 15 tons, and the silk wheel machine is 15 tons. The regulation stipulates the limit value of flue gas and the so-called diffuse emission, that is, through windows, doors and exhaust fans. For these logistics, solvent balance settlement must be made every year. The limit value regulation can be used as an option, but the equipment operator has a plan to reduce the amount of solvent

the German printing and Media Association (BVDM) is ready to help its member units explain the new regulations. With the help of computer program, the specified solvent balance settlement or reduction plan can be formulated

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