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Japan implements new regulations on wooden packaging of imported goods

from April 1, 2007, Japan will implement new regulations on wooden packaging of imported goods, It is required that the load of all imported hydraulic universal testing machines can be shown by the oil pressure of the hydraulic oil. The wooden packaging of the goods must be disinfected and marked in accordance with the provisions of the international phytosanitary measures Standard No. 15 (that is, ISPM1 is quickly converted from a/d to digital signal and sent to the computer to stop data processing No. 5). For the wooden packaging of goods exported to Japan that meets the requirements of the new regulations, Japan will give normal customs clearance at the time of entry; The Japanese side will take measures to eliminate pests, destroy or return wooden packages that do not meet the new regulations, such as those that have not been treated with pesticides, have not been provided with special labels, have nonstandard special labels, or carry pests

in recent years, large quantities of goods exported to Japan through Liaoning port, and the vast majority of goods are packed in wood. According to statistics, Liaoning inspection and quarantine system accepted a total of 990000 wooden packages of imported goods from Japan in 2006, accounting for 1/4 of the total number of wooden packages of exported goods

in order to ensure that the wooden packaging of our goods exported to Japan complies with the new quarantine regulations of Japan and avoid unnecessary economic losses, the plant inspection office of Liaoning inspection and Quarantine Bureau has issued risk early warning information to relevant exporters, freight forwarders, shipping companies and international container terminals, and announced the list of enterprises in Liaoning Province that have the qualifications for pest control and labeling of wooden packaging of outbound goods on Liaoning Bureau, Remind exporters and agent enterprises to strictly implement the regulations on the quarantine management of wood packaging of outbound goods in China, and use the wood packaging that has been approved by the inspection and quarantine institutions for the disinfestation treatment and marking of outbound goods, and the wood packaging that has been produced, disinfestation treatment and marking by enterprises

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