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Auto parts enterprises, as the "sandwich layer", are still difficult to expand

in 2016, auto production and sales completed more than 28million units, with a rapid increase over the previous year. According to data statistics, as of January 22, 2017, a total of 6 listed auto companies issued 2016 performance forecasts, of which 5 were expected

under the background of stable development of the industry, not only the preference of the whole vehicle industry, but also the demand scale of the auto parts market is also growing. From the perspective of performance forecast, as of January 22, more than 90% of the 55 auto parts companies that issued annual report forecasts have achieved profit growth in 2016

cuidongshu, the Secretary General of the passenger car Association, said in an interview that there are a large number of auto parts manufacturers in China. Most of the enterprises in the industry have small production scale and low market concentration. With the development of market competition, auto parts enterprises are facing the pressure of lower downstream vehicle product prices and higher upstream raw material prices, thereby reducing the overall profit level of the industry. According to the law of survival of the fittest in market competition, large and medium-sized enterprises will further occupy market share by virtue of their technology and product advantages, and the market concentration will be further improved

the automobile industry is in a boom cycle

according to statistical data, the production and sales of automobiles in 2016 were 28.1188 million and 28.0282 million respectively, an increase of 14.46% year-on-year, stabilizing the loading valve and 13.65%. Considerable data shows the good development trend of the automotive industry in the past year. According to the statistical data of wind information financial terminal, as of January 22, 2017, a total of 6 listed auto companies issued 2016 performance forecasts, including 2 pre increases, 3 slight increases and 1 pre decreases

as for the overall positive trend of the automotive industry in 2016, Cui Dongshu said in an interview that it was affected by various policies and market conditions. First, the overall economic development has provided a good external environment for the automotive industry; Secondly, in the past year, the relevant policies issued by the state have promoted the development of the automotive industry; In addition, automobile brands control new energy and other hot spots, and launch new products to enter the market at the right time. Only then did the automotive industry shine last year by promoting micromillr technology, alloy and production patents all over the world

the performance of parts companies is satisfactory

according to the statistics of wind information financial terminal, as of January 22, 2017, a total of 55 listed auto parts enterprises in Shanghai and Shenzhen have released the 2016 annual report performance forecast, and 51 performance forecasts. Among them, 19 companies have increased in advance, 23 have increased slightly, 6 have reversed their losses, 3 have continued to make profits, 1 has decreased in advance, 1 has suffered the first loss, 1 has slightly decreased, and 1 is uncertain

Cui Dongshu said that the overall situation of the automotive industry is good, which is the main reason for the performance growth of auto parts enterprises. In the first half of this year, the production and sales of automobiles increased steadily. The growth rate of passenger vehicle production and sales was higher than that of automobiles as a whole. The commercial vehicle market has improved significantly. The performance of related engine and parts enterprises has rebounded rapidly, and profits have increased

parts enterprises need to transform and upgrade

as we all know, the auto parts industry is in the midstream of the entire auto industry chain, with its upstream industries being steel, rubber, plastics, chemical industry, etc., and its downstream industries being vehicle manufacturers and their parts supporting suppliers. In the context of the overall improvement of the automotive industry last year, although the auto parts enterprises achieved an increase in profits (4) the belt and long tension, the profit space was constantly squeezed, and the revenue differences among enterprises were huge

a closer look at the annual reports of 55 auto parts companies shows that accelerating the transformation and upgrading, adjusting the product structure, expanding the international market, improving quality, increasing efficiency and reducing costs, and gradually establishing petrochemical product trading, logistics and warehousing and other service systems have become the main means for parts enterprises to cope with pressure and seek development

in the case of thinner and thinner profits of traditional auto parts products, it is an inevitable choice for parts companies to find new profit points and seek transformation and upgrading. Cui Dongshu said that most parts companies that have achieved higher profit growth actively seek their own transformation and upgrading. Component companies should pay close attention to policies and market trends, explore new profit points and expand the industrial chain, such as new energy and smart cars; Relevant listed companies can also integrate resources through mergers and acquisitions, the establishment of joint ventures and other ways to achieve coordinated development among enterprises

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