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Machine tool manufacturing industry challenges and opportunities go hand in hand

with the growth of consumption demand for machine tool industry in all walks of life, a market has broad prospects and obvious development opportunities. Thus, the challenges and opportunities of China's machine tool manufacturing industry will be driven together, and the development prospect of the machine tool industry will be more and more broad. There is a long way to go, of course, there is also great pressure

at present, the technical level of China's machine tool industry is mostly in the middle and low grades. The 12th Five year plan requires that the machine tool industry must develop at the high end, take scientific and technological innovation as a means to improve the level of management innovation, and move towards modernization and high-end. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the main tasks of technological innovation and industrial upgrading of CNC machine tools are: by strengthening basic technology research, increasing technological innovation, constantly improving the technical level and product quality of machine tools, creating brands, striving to achieve the goal of strengthening the CNC machine tool industry and ranking among the world's advanced ranks

in the machine tool industry, the development of welding technology is developed with the application of welding structure of machine tool products. 5. The bending angle at the joint shall not be greater than 4 degrees. Metal cutting machine tools, forging machinery and casting machinery products are the main fields of welding technology application in the machine tool industry. Welding technology has gradually developed into the leading process in the machine tool industry, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects: (1) some backbone enterprises have established welding workshops or metal structure plants with a certain scale, established a complete welding management system, and absorbed and digested the welding process standards of imported products. (2) The welding process flow has been improved from a single processing process to a set of emerging comprehensive engineering technologies from raw material pretreatment, cutting and blanking, forming, welding, post welding inspection and post welding treatment. (3) CNC precision cutting and computer programming nesting technology have been applied. (4) Advanced and efficient new processes such as CO2 gas and argon rich gas shielded welding or submerged arc welding have been popularized and applied. (5) X-ray flaw detection and ultrasonic nondestructive testing are widely used to stabilize the internal quality of the weld. (6) The new technology of vibration aging is popularized, the purpose of reducing and homogenizing the residual stress of welding structure is achieved, the deformation of welding parts is reduced, and the accuracy is stabilized

at present, the main welding technologies applied in the machine tool industry include the following aspects: the application of steel plate pretreatment technology; Application of NC cutting technology; Application of high efficiency welding technology such as gas shielded welding. 4. During loading, gas shielded welding and other high-efficiency welding technologies have been widely used in machine tool bed, gear, eccentric body, rocker shaft, cylinder block, pipeline flange and housing that are not processed after welding, and have become one of the main welding processes in the machine tool industry

with the application of machine tools in the new era, the welding structure of foam granulator products is more and more used. Welding instead of casting, welding instead of forging, and welding instead of cutting have become the general development trend of machine tool manufacturing industry, and machine tool manufacturing is inseparable from welding. At present, welding technology in machine tool industry is also developing towards high efficiency, numerical control and automation

although the output NC rate of China's machine tool industry has increased, the overall NC rate is still low. Compared with the level of about 70% in developed countries, there is still much room for improvement. It is believed that with the continuous increase of China's structural adjustment, the NC rate of China's machine tools will be significantly improved

cloud computing is the hottest word in recent years. All walks of life are trying to get close to it, and the machine tool industry is no exception. Using cloud computing enterprises can save costs and easily share data and applications between different devices. Experts believe that compared with traditional application platforms, cloud computing platforms have the advantages of strong computing power, storage capacity, diversified services and high cost performance. Now, cloud computing has been accepted by most enterprises, and cloud applications have begun to be popularized at home and abroad. As an important industry in China, machine tool enterprises can always be invincible only if they dare to break the traditional constraints, innovate and try

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