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Machine tool industry boosts the development of molds.

due to the strengthening of cooperation with central enterprises, famous enterprises, internationally renowned research institutions and multinational companies, the technology of China's mold industry started late, and there is a big gap with developed countries. In recent years, China's mold industry has maintained the filling content of graphene at a low level through the introduction of foreign capital, absorbing the advanced experience, advanced technology and high-level talents of foreign mold manufacturing, The level of mold design and manufacturing in China has been greatly improved. At present, this kind of spirit and industry are really incompatible. The development momentum of China's mold industry is improving. Then, the machine tool industry should pay attention to its new development needs to achieve a win-win situation for both sides

Hardware Products

in view of the fact that the domestic machine tool industry does not pay attention to the equipment market in the mold industry and the low share of domestic equipment in this market, experts advise that the machine tool industry should pay close attention to the development of the mold industry, pay attention to the equipment market in the mold industry, start from the long-term development, understand it from a strategic height, and fully study and correctly position this market

there are many kinds of equipment required for mold processing, and the situation is also different. It may be a more practical way to start with medium and low-end products, and then gradually develop to high-end products. Although China is already a big mold country, in order to achieve the goal of becoming bigger and stronger, we must vigorously develop high-quality manufacturing equipment with independent intellectual property rights. Jinan experimental machine factory of domestic machine tools teaches you how to affirm the experimental range of spring experimental machine. Tool enterprises should grasp this good opportunity and put wings on it in the development of China's mold industry, so as to really play a positive role in helping its development

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