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The machine tool industry is closely connected with the railway.

at 20:34 p.m. on July 23, 2011, the D301 train from Beijing to Fuzhou South and the d3115 train from Hangzhou to Fuzhou South on the Hangzhou Shenzhen line had a rear end collision accident. As of 18:00 on July 25, 39 people were killed in the accident, of which 38 were preliminarily identified. In addition, 192 people were hospitalized, including 12 patients with severe illness

this major bullet train accident has aroused people's attention to the safety and development speed of high-speed rail, and raised people's attention to the negative factors of the medium and long-term development of high-speed rail and related industries

it is preliminarily found that the reason for the derailment is that the d3115 train lost power and stopped after being struck by lightning, resulting in the rear end collision of D301 train. However, there are still different views and doubts in the society. There are different opinions on whether there is a problem in speed, scheduling or quality

Christopher hood, a British transportation scholar, believes that speed is not the main factor. He said: "the key to high-speed transportation lies in scheduling and track maintenance. Is it safe to just reduce the speed? The 2002 Hertfordshire derailment incident in England was later found that the reason was not speed, but that the screws at the rail joint were not tightened."

don't be confused, deputy editor of Sanlian Life Weekly, Li Honggu said, "speed seems to be an important issue that we must face and seriously think about. Not only the speed of trains, the speed of railway development, but also how to match the speed of China's economic development, management, system and society, we must at least avoid running in and adapting at the cost of life."

at present, the final investigation results have not been released, and the black box in the carriage is still being analyzed

the machine tool industry is closely connected with the railway

for the machine tool industry, it is the basic equipment of the equipment manufacturing industry, and its main application fields are ships, engineering machinery, military industry, agricultural machinery, electric power equipment, railway locomotives, automobiles and other industries. Although the output value of the machine tool industry is less than 1% of GDP, its contribution to the national economy is much higher than this quantitative concept. It is an important pillar industry that cannot be easily abandoned in the economic development strategy. In fact, the industrial upgrading of each sub industry of China's equipment manufacturing industry is inseparable from the support of the machine tool industry, which is also closely connected with railway construction

with the release of the demand for industrial upgrading and the introduction of the policy of "revitalization plan for equipment manufacturing industry", there will be opportunities for structural recovery in the machine tool industry. The machine tool industry still has a lot of room for growth in the future. China is currently in the middle and late stage of industrialization. From the perspective of international historical experience, the main feature of this stage is that the upgrading and transformation of manufacturing equipment is accelerated, and the proportion of enterprise equipment investment in fixed asset investment will gradually increase. On the other hand, from the perspective of international comparison, the scale of China's machine tool industry is still relatively small compared with downstream industries, so there is still a lot of room for the future growth of the machine tool industry

the high-speed railway era will be the main driving growth point of the machinery industry in the future. The national investment in the high-speed railway field will continue to be stable in the coming years, so the growth rate of the demand for high-speed railway equipment will remain at about 30%

during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, the total investment in national railway construction will reach 1.25 trillion yuan, while the investment in railway construction in the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" will reach 3 trillion yuan, an increase of 2.4 times over the investment in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan". At the same time, at present, about 20 cities in China are preparing plans for the development of urban rail transit. There are more than 90 planned rail transit lines, 2200km long, requiring an investment of more than 1 trillion yuan. By 2010, the total mileage of urban rail transit will reach more than 2000km, and the investment scale will reach about 400billion yuan. These construction projects have significantly increased the demand for excavators, loaders, rollers, cranes and other equipment, bringing strong demand to the entire construction machinery industry

whether traffic accidents have an impact on machine tool enterprises

there are many connections between machine tool enterprises and railway construction. Whether it is the machinery of production equipment or the processed parts, it makes people feel the vigorous development of railway construction and urban rail transit. We will shift our attention to CSR and CNR, which have strong comprehensive strength in the railway equipment manufacturing industry

at the same time, it also focuses on the leaders of axles benefiting from the manufacturing of high-speed railway equipment and fasteners for the construction of high-speed railway

for example, Jinxi axle will focus on high-speed railway axle in the future. Domestic high-speed rail will enter a rapid development stage during the "12th Five Year Plan". As one of the important parts of high-speed trains, axles will play a key role in the process of localization of high-speed trains. The company's localization of axles for multiple units has given birth to new profit growth points: at present, all hollow axles for multiple units in China are still imported. The company is the only enterprise in China that can produce hollow axles for multiple units, subways and light rails. In the future, with the continuous improvement of the localization rate of railway equipment, the domestic procurement of hollow axles for multiple units and subways will become a new profit growth point for the company. The recovery of domestic railway vehicle demand, the expansion of overseas export business and the large-scale use of the company's high-end products such as EMUs and high-speed railway axles in the domestic market are the main drivers of the company's performance growth in the future. At the same time, in the long run, as an environmental friendly and energy-saving freight, the way of printing and Issuing the catalogue of technologies and products encouraged to be promoted and utilized in the building materials industry (2018 (2) 020) will maintain growth in the long run

Jinyi industry is the only enterprise in China that can participate in the bidding of high-speed railway fasteners. Jinyi industry is the first enterprise in the industry to vigorously invest in the development of high-speed railway fasteners, and it is also the only enterprise with the ability to manufacture a full range of high-speed railway fasteners. The high-speed railway fasteners produced account for 24% - 25% of the bidding share of the Ministry of railways. The beneficiary countries have vigorously developed the high-speed rail industry, the company's business has developed rapidly, and orders continue to be placed. According to the construction process and planning of high-speed railway, 14000 kilometers of high-speed railway need to be subject to fastener bidding in the future, of which 12000 kilometers will be subject to bidding in the past three years. The corresponding fastener market space is about 15 billion yuan. The company's market share is expected to remain above 30%, and it will obtain a market share of about 45 billion yuan of human, material and capital investment

it should be said that the Wenzhou bullet train accident has brought certain losses to these enterprises. Jinyi industry, as the main manufacturer of high-speed railway fasteners, has been affected, and the stock market has continued to fall. Although similar to Trident, it issued an announcement to clarify that the power equipment products provided by the company for the railway operated stably without any quality problems, which had nothing to do with the rear end collision accident of the bullet train, and it was still inevitably pushed to the forefront

of course, a large number of machine tool enterprises with serious losses, some of which are not closely related to high-speed rail, have not been affected much and are still operating normally

whether there is a problem with the rail parts or the scheduling and maintenance, it can no longer make up for the great pain to the victims and injured in the accident and their families. What all walks of life should do in the future is to keep improving and strengthen supervision to avoid the tragedy of a screw destroying a car. At the same time, we should strengthen the publicity and education of safety production, so as to be people-oriented and more for the personal safety of the masses

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