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The machine tool industry will achieve major breakthroughs in the next few years

although China has expanded its production capacity on a large scale since the 12th Five Year Plan, the upgrading of product technology does not significantly make your work more detailed. The similarity of product structure, overcapacity of low-grade large and heavy machine tools and other problems are quite serious

machine tool shafts. Currently, the most domestic machine tools can only achieve six shafts at most. Many breakthrough products have not been fully localized, but experts predict that this situation will be a major breakthrough in the next few years. The reasons are: first, the industrial process of automation in China will further drive the growth and technological progress of the application market of electronic universal testing machine in the machine tool industry and construction industry; Second, it has the function of user-defined experiment; The machine tool industry has been clearly included in the high-end manufacturing plan of the 12th Five Year Plan, and is promoting the plan of CNC generation, which will promote the machine tool industry to make great progress

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