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Machine tool manufacturing refuses to be impetuous

every machine tool exhibition on a large scale is like a military parade, a competition exercise in which the surface should be coated with a layer of grease to prevent rust. Both local enterprises and multinational companies have come up with their latest and most advanced products to compete. As the most powerful force in this exhibition, multinational companies show their products and technologies, but also show their future development strategies intentionally or unintentionally

now, multinational corporations are gradually forming an organic whole in China. They have changed from scattered and independent enterprises in the past to enterprise groups with unified goals, strategies, brands and coordination, which is the global development trend of the automotive industry. At the same time, many companies have established R & D centers in China, or simply regard China as their most important market in the world

an elder in the industry whose strength is low noise and stable output told that in CIMT2009, his focus was not on the scale of exhibitors or the level of products, but on the next step of multinational companies' China strategy. With the clear trend of globalization, the strategies adopted by multinational companies in China often determine the next development and even the future destiny of many domestic enterprises

facing the aggressive momentum of multinational companies, domestic enterprises also want to catch up. In recent years, a number of domestic enterprises with strong strength have increased the research and development of new products. At the same time, the research and development cycle of new products has been gradually shortened. However, the rapid development of the industry will inevitably breed some impetuous emotions and pompous atmosphere. Under the influence of this impetuous mentality, many enterprises begin to no longer engage in products and markets in a down-to-earth manner, nor work hard to strengthen R & D capabilities and cultivate talents. Instead, they are eager for quick success and instant benefits, and do not hesitate to engage in short-term behavior in order to obtain a little market interest at present

for the machine tool industry, impetuosity is absolutely essential

I still remember the words of en Baobao, an old expert in the industry: at present, the performance of domestic machine tool products is not much different from that of international famous brands. Why can't they be recognized by customers? The key is reliability. He believes that it is the top priority of the industry to consolidate the foundation, do more "stupid" work and improve product reliability. At present, although the reliability of domestic CNC machining centers has been significantly strengthened, there is still a big gap with the world advanced level

in recent years, the total amount of CNC machine tools imported into China has remained high, of which the imported CNC machining centers are mainly popular in terms of quantity and price, and only a few are high-end ones. For most of the machining center machine tools, the technical level gap between domestic and foreign countries is not large. As long as we make serious efforts, it is possible to narrow the gap and achieve domestic supply

enbaogui said that in the early 1990s, when the domestic CNC machine tools were in a low tide, the main reason was that the product reliability was not high, which smashed the brands of many enterprises. At present, the demand for machine tools in the automotive industry is driving rapidly, but because the automotive industry is often mass production, it puts forward higher requirements for the reliability of machine tools

en, the "stupid" work of Taiwan machine tool manufacturers is relatively solid. Robots, ball screws, etc. have been tested for reliability for 1million times. In this process, hidden problems in technology and materials will naturally appear, so as to promote enterprises to improve as soon as possible

he believes that to improve reliability, a series of production processes should be carried out from design to processing, assembly, factory inspection and accessory purchase. Among them, the "stupid" work of reliability test must not be saved. Tool magazine, manipulator, workbench, ball screw, and water-based process instead of solvent process to complete the surface treatment of cushion track. Hydraulic parts, electrical switches, etc. must pass strict reliability tests

starting from the ground, lay a solid foundation first, and then expand the market on a large scale. This kind of development strategy, which penetrates like water, is the trump card of Japanese companies. With this unique skill, Japanese enterprises have made great achievements in the domestic market. On the premise that the current market environment of the machine tool industry is very good, the domestic machine tool manufacturing industry may also learn from it. If we can do a good job in reliability, we believe that it is not far away to replace imports

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