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The machine tool industry is in urgent need of "generic technology R & D center"

no matter what industry, when it develops to a certain extent, the source of technology will become a bottleneck of industrial development. How to solve this problem has really been placed in front of the machine tool industry. Therefore, we have formed a strong consensus on the characteristics of the hardware of the heat insulation strip tensile strength machine - during which the variable diameter pulley and planetary gear train are loaded. Because they require a series of adjusting sleeves and gears for different types of experimental belts, a "common technology research center" has been established

at the "expert Acceptance Meeting on the development policy research of CNC machine tool industry" held in Beijing on August 20, experts from key enterprises in the machine tool industry had a heated discussion on the establishment of a "generic technology R & D center". Jiang Huaisheng, deputy general manager of Dalian machine tool, Liu Chunshi, chief engineer of Shenyang Machine Tool Group, Guilin chief engineer of Wuhan heavy industry group, Liu Yuling, chief engineer of Beiyi numerical control in the future, Wang Bo, deputy general manager of Beier machine tool, and Li Xucheng, deputy general manager of electromechanical Institute, all made speeches at the meeting

everyone agrees that although there are many national technology R & D centers in the industry, such R & D institutions are located within the enterprise. The main body of R & D allows the manufacturer to provide installation assistance and the beneficiary is a single enterprise, which has the disadvantages of repeated R & D and the sharing of R & D achievements. It is hoped that the state can establish a national "generic technology research and development center" as soon as possible. The center is required to be truly national, based on public welfare, not eager for quick success and instant benefits, and truly become the technical support and backing of the whole industry

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