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The machine tool industry is lack of innovative talents, and creativity is difficult to transform into products. Some experts pointed out that the current efforts of international enterprises to cultivate talents are not high enough. Take the East-West machine tool industry as an example. Because enterprises have trained newly graduated college graduates to the time required to undertake projects, many enterprises gradually tend to buy ready-made functions, poach junior talents from other enterprises through the process, and supplement the talent shortage of enterprises, rather than cultivate and encourage their own talents and R & D platforms. With the comprehensive entry of foreign-funded enterprises, many excellent backbone talents have separated from their original enterprises, resulting in a new way for the development of high-end high molecular composite materials. The lack of innovative talents in the bed industry has doubled, which is an occasion caused by the low efforts of enterprises in cultivating talents

the disconnection between talent training and actual needs, and the low social position and treatment of technical talents and technical talents are other primary reasons for the lack of junior talents in international manufacturing industry. In recent years, the expansion of colleges and universities has been accelerating, but the government's funding for colleges and universities can not keep up with the expansion speed. In order to expand the scope, some colleges and universities choose to grow low-cost liberal arts. Even if engineering majors still exist, the funds invested in them are far from enough. Even some engineering majors in higher vocational colleges, such as electrical engineering, water conservancy, chemical engineering and pharmaceutical, require less equipment and operation than actual learning, resulting in the trained talents at a low level in technology, with a width of 10 ~ 25mm and a total length of no less than 150mm, which is a gap with the needs of manufacturing talents. In addition, nowadays, it is widely believed that manufacturing technicians do hard work, with poor task environment and low salary. A few years ago, too fast and too high pressure of China Engineering Institute will produce micro expansion. A survey of 5000 engineering and scientific staff around the world showed that more than 80% of the respondents thought that the current social position of the engineer profession was "ordinary" or "low", and the intensity of personal expenditure was only 53.75%. In addition, the redundant and perfect layout of manufacturing talents, large quantity and poor quality are also the reasons for the lack of junior talents in international manufacturing

experts say that talent is the foundation to support a manufacturing power. Poor skilled operators, even with excellent creative designs and ideas, are difficult to transform into products. In order to grow the manufacturing industry, we need to make great efforts to develop vocational education, cultivate a large number of high-quality talents who have passed technical training, and cultivate excellent technical operation talents in the production line is a medium and durable strategic task, which cannot be done steadily. It is suggested by some experts that the international manufacturing industry can test and build a new business form of three-level management and operation system composed of Technology Managers Association, technology managers company and technology managers to urge the transfer of domestic technology. At the same time, using universities should get rid of restrictions, test the growth path of school enterprise cooperation, the connection between the classroom and the workplace, and the smooth understanding of curriculum development and property needs, so as to contribute to the talent training of the manufacturing industry

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