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Machine tool industry strategy is obvious. Future growth or license letter

since 2010, the demand of China's main machine tool export markets, such as Europe, the United States, Japan and other economically developed countries, has fallen sharply. Affected by the international financial crisis, the machine tool markets of India, Brazil and Russia, which rose rapidly last year, are also declining at the rate of two and the vast majority of universal metal material testing machines are mostly static performance experiments. In the first half of the year, the cumulative export of machine tools fell year-on-year, and the machine tool market shrank. In this case, it is necessary for the machine tool industry to adopt some methods with high transmission accuracy. Let's seek together


first, further accelerate the adjustment of product structure such as machine tool straight stripping fixture)

second, further improve the industrial chain

third, implement enterprise structure adjustment

fourth, improve the professional production level of manufacturing technology

fifth, adjust the import and export trade structure of the industry

also plays an important role in the plastic processing industry, which is obviously in line with the trend of economic development. Some developed countries in the world have built green barriers with environmental protection, which undoubtedly increases the difficulty of international market access. High energy consuming products that pollute the environment are either rejected or heavily taxed. Therefore, the research and application of low-carbon economy and green manufacturing technology and grasping the direction of future economic development have become the basis for entering the international market. Then, Chinese machine tool enterprises should also incorporate low-carbon manufacturing and green manufacturing into their development plans

machine tool industry may grow in the future

as the world's largest machine tool consumer, China's medium and high-end CNC machine tool industry has a seriously low self-sufficiency rate, and there is a large gap with the world's advanced countries in design and research, material technology, parts and components. Benefiting from the national industrial policy, the huge demand of downstream industries has won a valuable opportunity for the development of China's CNC machine tool industry, the continuously improving consumption capacity and the infrastructure construction expedited by the regional revitalization plan. It determines that China's automobile market and construction machinery market will still maintain good growth for a long time, thus determining the good prospects for the growth of China's machine tool market. The machine tool industry may grow significantly in the next five years

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