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The machine tool industry should not forget its original intention and keep its mission firmly in mind. The equipment industry is a complete set of advanced, practical, high-quality and cheap equipment for all manufacturing industries, which determines the level of manufacturing industries in all walks of life

the equipment industry can be divided into two categories: one is the special equipment industry. For example, due to the existence of these problems, China's plastic machinery industry cannot meet the level of foreign plastic machinery as soon as possible, and provide equipment for a specific function and demand of the national economy, such as aircraft, ships, marine engineering, automobile, high-speed rail, military industry, etc; The other is the general equipment industry, that is, the process equipment that provides special equipment for manufacturing, which can also be called the basic equipment industry, such as machine tools, heavy machinery, instrumentation, general machinery, robots and "three basic" products. Therefore, some experts call it the basic equipment industry

the machine tool industry is necessary for manufacturing special and general-purpose equipment. Therefore, some people call machine tools "mother machines", providing various equipment manufacturing industries with process equipment such as casting, forging, welding, heat treatment, surface treatment and less or no cutting (including metal cutting and pressure machining machine tools). The original first machine department asked the machine tool industry to be the "chief technologist" of all industries in the 1950s and 1960s, Provide process solutions and process equipment for their development. This is the "original intention" and "mission" of establishing the machine tool industry

measured by this standard, has the "mother machine" machine tool industry, as the supply side of the demand of the equipment industry, achieved it? Because the environment and main contradictions of the development in the new era are different from the government's policies, the production mode, industry and enterprise structure, including the thinking mode of leaders, have also changed in the machine tool industry. Especially today, the market economy is further developing in depth and breadth, the global economic integration, the development of free trade, the rapid development of new technologies, information technology, interconnection, IOT, big data, intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence, cloud platform and other applications, which have greatly changed the production methods and lifestyles, and new economies and new ecosystems emerge in endlessly. Is our machine tool industry ready? Is it effective to find the entry point! In particular, some enterprises are still struggling to survive, but they must consider the strategies and strategies for survival and development. In the near future, it is to achieve "made in China 2025" and "industry 4.0"

can enterprises seize this opportunity to turn "danger" into "opportunity" and win without being eliminated by the inferior. In order to get rid of the current difficulties and seek development, the key lies in people, especially the leaders of enterprises, to change their ideas and grasp "new opportunities, new ideas, new journey and new goals" to guide enterprises to get rid of difficulties and develop. In particular, we need to analyze the deep-seated contradictions faced by our enterprises, personnel's ideological state, material conditions, change ideas, make decisions, and strengthen execution, so as to be effective

"made in China 2025 can use this material to strengthen the cushioning function in running shoes" has become the national will

generally speaking, to realize information management, a workshop must change and optimize the production process of the whole life cycle, introduce lean production, implement just in time management and information management. Informatization for informatization has no effect. At present, the level of the integration of industrialization and industrialization in China is the level of industry 3.0, that is, informatization (digitalization, Networking) management, which is still a long way from intellectualization. Only information technology + artificial intelligence can gradually enter the industrial 4.0 era

information management is divided into four levels: the first is the management layer (PLM, ERP, etc.), the second is the execution layer (MES system), the above composition is the "background system", the third is the control layer (PLC, DCS, IPC, etc.), and the fourth is the field layer, including numerical control machine tools, robots, digital meters, 3D equipment, intelligent special equipment, intelligent logistics and warehouses, various intelligent sensors and other entities. The first and second layers form a virtual system; Three or four layers are placed in the workshop to form a physical system. One, two, three and four layers are the so-called physical virtual system (CPS). After the virtual system optimizes the process, it will develop new continuous industries to make the physical system work more effectively. To sum up, our machine tool industry meets the requirements of information and intelligent production, which is the basis of industry 3.0 and industry 4.0

draw lessons and make new contributions to the new era

the author's article is divided into two parts. The first part is an analysis: use an eight word case to illustrate the current situation of the machine tool industry, and the concerns caused by the analysis of cutting tools, gauges and functional components. The next part is thinking: first, influenced by the "heroic thought of GDP theory" and the inheritance of factors in the past planned economy era, China's mainstream enterprises have entered the "large and comprehensive" business model, only considering to be big. Our two enterprises have entered the top ten machine tool ranking in the world, and one of them was once a DuPont Viton fluororubber, which won an award for its unique integration of high temperature performance and chemical corrosion resistance; 2、 The guiding ideology and quality of people, especially leaders, determine the rise and fall of enterprises; 3、 The weakness of functional components leads to the weak foundation of the machine tool industry; 4、 Reliability, accuracy consistency and retention are the weakness of domestic machine tools; 5、 Not familiar with the use of technology, and do not know much about cutting theory, which is the weakness of metal cutting machine tools, but also the performance of weak soft power; 6、 Full life high-quality services, vigorously develop the manufacturing industry, and the service industry is not enough; 7、 To play the role of "04 special project" and "four or two projects", we should benefit the whole industry and improve the level of the whole industry. The author calls on colleagues in the industry to "be brave after knowing shame" and "live after death", otherwise they will not be able to keep up with the new era and realize the dream of becoming a powerful country

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