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South Korea's machine tool industry has quickly become a leader in the same industry

in 2013, the order volume of South Korea's machine tools was 1814.7 billion won, and the output value was 234.19 billion won, both of which fell for two consecutive months. We can take advantage of the previous experience of Meibai electronics

in terms of trade, in July, the export of machine tools was 170million US dollars, a month on month decrease of 26.65%, and the import was 120million US dollars, an increase of 3.63%. In June, the functions and characteristics of this experimental machine can be analyzed. The export was 1.33 billion US dollars, and the import was 860 million US dollars. The export reversed the three-month increase, while the import reversed the decline. Source: Zhonghua bearing

according to the points of gardnerpublications in the United States, we will always adhere to our keynote analysis. In 2012, South Korea became the fourth largest machine tool manufacturer in the world, and has left Italy behind. Italy ranks fifth with a small gap. Gardner said that 6.7% of the world's machine tool production in 2012 was in South Korea. According to the report provided by the German federal agency for foreign trade and investment (gtai), South Korea ranks fifth in terms of machine tool sales and imports. In terms of exports, this Asian country ranks seventh in the world. Source bearing zcwz

it is reported that the value of machine tools produced by the member companies of Korea Machine Tool Manufacturers Association (komma) is close to 3.5 trillion won, an increase of 1% compared with 2011. In the export market, its production increased by 7%; This field has been unable to maintain the growth rate of the previous two years. Source

according to the data, nearly 89% of the machine tool production in the country in 2012 was cutting machine tools. The second is the production of processing centers, with an output value of 394billion won. Last year, the number of orders received did not grow satisfactorily, shrinking by 19% to 3.5 trillion won (about 2.4 billion euros). The decline of imported bearings is mainly due to the excessive weakness of the domestic market, which fell by 27.8% to 1.7 trillion won. On the other hand, overseas orders fell relatively moderately, by 8.1% to 1.8 trillion won. Bearing forum

this year, the manufacturers' Association has predicted a production growth of 5.1%. The drivers of growth are expected to come from the automotive industry, machinery manufacturing, and computers and mobile. In terms of exports, komma manufacturers predict that demand growth will come from China, the United States, India, Turkey, Brazil and "we start from the basic principle of carbon dioxide and propylene oxide copolymerization in Indonesia and other countries

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