The most popular water-based coatings in China

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The output of water-based coatings in China has increased.

solvent based coatings contain high organic solvents (3) medical raw material agents, which are easy to harm people and the environment during construction and application. The development of water-based coatings using water as a medium instead of organic solvents is the development direction of low pollution coatings

in recent years, with the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, more and more enterprises have produced water-based coatings. According to the national statistical data, the output of water-based coatings in China in 2005 will reach 800000 ~ 900000 tons, accounting for about 20% of the total output of coatings, including 600000 ~ 700000 tons of water-based architectural coatings, 45000 ~ 50000 tons of water-based automotive coatings, 100000 tons of water-based anti-corrosion coatings, 8000 tons of water-based wood coatings, 10000 ~ 12000 tons of road marking coatings and 17000 ~ 30000 tons of other water-based coatings

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