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The water-based trend irresistible coating enterprises are generally transforming to take the "people-friendly route"

the water-based trend irresistible coating enterprises are generally transforming to take the "people-friendly route"

August 28, 2014

[China coating information] the pattern of high profits of industrial coatings and low profits of civil coatings has been changing. In addition, the growth rate of demand for civil coatings has been higher than that of industrial coatings, Taking the "people-friendly" route is becoming an important direction for the structural adjustment of the coating industry. Water based coatings, high curing coatings, water-based UV curable food composite packaging films tend to be multifunctional, lightweight coatings, powder coatings and other green products will be an important direction for future development. This was learned from the 2014 China coating industry information annual conference held in Shenyang on August 27

according to the data provided by China Coating Industry Association, the total output of China's coatings in the first half of 2014 was 7.7116 million tons, an increase of 10.3% year-on-year; The main business income increased by 13.2% year-on-year; The total profit increased by 25.7% year on year; The main economic indicators are higher than the industry average

sunlianying, President of China Coating Association, disclosed to the China chemical industry news that the profits of the coating industry increased significantly, mainly due to the decline in the prices of bulk raw materials. From the perspective of subdivided application fields, the business situation of civil coatings is better than that of industrial coatings. The pattern of low profit of civil coatings and high profit of industrial coatings is changing, and the two are gradually converging

the experts present at the meeting said that with the acceleration of China's urbanization construction, some natural villages are disappearing. The demand for architectural coatings is growing rapidly not only for new houses, but also for household appliances and furniture. In addition, the market demand for repainting of internal and external walls also has great room for growth. In sharp contrast, as there is no oil leakage in China, the growth of industrial investment slows down and the growth of demand for industrial coatings slows down. Therefore, civil coatings will become an important engine to drive the growth of the industry

yangyuande, Secretary General of China Tu Association, said that under the "new normal", the growth rate of the industry's sales in the next 5-10 years will remain at about 10%, and the transition from capacity addition to capacity subtraction will be made. Most of the sales growth in the first half of this year came from architectural coatings. It is expected that the growth of architectural coatings market will maintain a high speed for quite a long time thereafter. The average growth rate of architectural coatings is 15%~20%, while the average growth rate of industrial coatings is only 3%~5%

although the growth of civil coatings is optimistic, to turn the potential into actual demand, the environmental protection performance that people are most concerned about is a problem that must be solved quickly. It is reported that the Ministry of environmental protection has launched the public welfare projects "Research on VOC emission characteristics and Prevention Countermeasures of industrial coating pollution sources" and "Research on VOC emission characteristics and Prevention Countermeasures of building coatings". The state plans to levy VOC consumption tax and pollution discharge fee. Beijing, Shenzhen and other cities have also formulated local standards for the limit of harmful substances in coatings, some of which are even higher than the EU standards

the interviewed enterprises learned that the domestic coating enterprises have greatly increased their investment in R & D and production of environmentally friendly products. Hebei Chenyang industry and Trade Group Co., Ltd., which has been focusing on the R & D, production and sales of water-based paint since 1998, currently has a production capacity of about 125000 tons/year of water-based paint. By the end of the year, 125000 tons/year of production capacity will be put into operation, and the million ton project is also under construction. Global coatings learned that if all these production capacities reach production capacity, the sales revenue can exceed 30billion yuan. Jiabaoli Chemical Group Co., Ltd. also said that it would increase investment in more effective application of networking technology, technology and talents in the water-based coating market

industry perspective:

the "welfare" of raw materials is limited

zhaozhiping, Deputy Secretary General of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation: at present, major industrial industries are facing the dual pressure of slowing demand and overcapacity, the production and marketing situation and enterprise benefits have changed significantly, and the market price has fallen. The industrial production has entered a period of loose supply. Some enterprises are worried about the decline of market share, and have the idea of "rather losing profits than losing the market". Some enterprises maintain a certain start-up rate because they believe that they can achieve the effect of reducing weight and improving collision safety under the pressure of loans, employment, funds and so on. Therefore, it is difficult to alleviate the contradiction of overcapacity in the short term. However, with the reshuffle of the upstream industry, the coating industry will not enjoy the "welfare" of raw materials for a long time, and the situation will change within oneortwo years

water based coatings usher in opportunities

lvqiuhong, assistant to the president of Hebei Chenyang industry and Trade Group Co., Ltd.: the production and use of coatings will emit VOC, and more than 50% of the solvents will volatilize during the production, coating and film-forming process of solvent based coatings. It is feasible to control VOC emission in the coating process from the manufacturer. "Oil to water" has fundamentally solved this problem

the western development strategy, urban transformation, affordable housing and other policies promoted by the state are good for paint buildings; In addition, China's second-hand housing transactions also tend to mature, and the repainting market also has a great demand for coatings. Therefore, the market demand for architectural coatings will rise, and most of architectural coatings are water-based coatings

promote industrial upgrading through technological upgrading

wangpeiming, chairman of the strategic alliance for technological innovation in the coating industry: China still has a certain gap from a strong coating country. This is mainly reflected in structural contradictions. First, in the coating product structure, low-end products are surplus and high-end products are insufficient; Secondly, in terms of industrial structure, the industry concentration is poor, and small and medium-sized enterprises account for a large proportion. The lack of innovation capability is a prominent problem faced by the industry at present, that is, the innovation resources of the whole industry are highly dispersed, and the integration and utilization is low. Compared with developed countries, the gap is obvious. In the process of actively promoting the coating industry and the structural adjustment of required raw materials, we should use innovation to drive the technological upgrading of the entire coating industry, reduce production costs and improve the level of resource utilization

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