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Dow Corning introduced new liquid fluorosilicone

recently, Dow Corning introduced two new liquid fluorosilicone products of silastic brand to the market based on its elastomer technology in liquid fluorosilicone (f-lsr), which can expand the design options for fuel resistant automobile parts and improve processing efficiency. The birth of new products has increased the shore hardness of Dow Corning liquid fluorosilicone series by 60 and 70. The product specifications of Dow Corning liquid fluorosilicone are unmatched by any other fluorosilicone elastomer supplier

it is reported that while meeting the two market demands of high performance and cost control, silastic liquid fluorosilicone has the fuel resistance, fuel resistance and solvent resistance of fluorosilicone rubber, as well as the processing advantage of liquid silicone rubber. The latest fluorosilicone elastomer technology can help designers develop more durable automobile parts, and help automobile manufacturers improve their manufacturing processes through automatic processing, reducing labor costs, shortening cycles, saving energy and reducing scrap rates

"some auto parts must be able to withstand the harsh driving environment. This new silasticf LSR product has higher design flexibility, and can meet the high performance requirements of the components with complex structure and high precision or the components with overpressure die, which are introduced by the strategic investor bee Investment Co., Ltd." Gabeknee, marketing director of Dow Corning automotive, said, "silasticf-lsr technology can produce a new generation of seals, gaskets, connectors, flexible diaphragms, films and valves through standard injection molding machines."

the two new silastic liquid fluorosilicone introduced by Dow Corning are silasticf, which determines the different lf-l mechanical, transportation and electric Sr (Shore hardness of 60) and silasticflf-lsr (Shore hardness of 70) of the tensile fixture used. Both products have strong resistance to non-polar hydrocarbon fuels, Oils and solvents, and can save processing costs, especially in mass production of small molded parts. Silasticfl-f-lsr has high dynamic sealing performance and can be used to manufacture diaphragms and microporous membranes; Silasticflf-lsr can provide high modulus, low compression ratio, outstanding static sealing performance, and is suitable for manufacturing O-rings and gaskets

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