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The "water-based runway" developed by Soviet enterprises will be unveiled in August

the "water-based runway" developed by Soviet enterprises will be unveiled in August

March 2, 2017

[China coating information]

yesterday, Suzhou Daxing environmental protection building materials Co., Ltd. released information that the "water-based runway" independently developed by them has entered Taiwan, which is also the first "water-based runway" of the company outside the country

"this is a photo from Taiwan. We are participating in the construction of the 2017 Taipei World University Games. The 29th Summer Universiade will be held in Taiwan in August this year." According to Zhang zunjie, chairman of Mahayana environmental protection, the construction workers are laying the field of Xinzhuang track and field stadium, the 2017 Universiade stadium, in Xinbei city. "We have laid more than 10000 square meters of runways, which is our first participation in the construction of overseas sports runways, indicating that the 'water-based runways' independently developed by us have begun to be recognized by large-scale competitions." Zhangzunjie said

the construction of plastic runway is inseparable from glue and water. The traditional two-component polyurethane (PU or SPU) glue, usually called its oily glue, has a high concentration of volatile organic compounds, including toluene, xylene and soluble heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, chromium and mercury, which produces pungent odor, endangers human health and pollutes the environment. Mahayana environmental friendly water-based adhesive, no pungent smell; According to the national standard, "total volatile organic compounds (VOC)" should maintain a stable growth trend of 50 in the overall economic operation of small industries, while the index of Mahayana environmental friendly water-based adhesive is less than or equal to 3. Even when students go to school, they can work outdoors as usual, and the construction time is at least half shorter than that of the traditional polyurethane runway

it is learned that in the Mayun Road Campus of the experimental junior high school in the high tech Zone, the first "water-based runway" for delaying the purchase of high priced raw materials in the west of Suzhou was born. In the campus, we can see that the new playground runway is not very different from the ordinary runway, and the students are having physical education classes. "Although it seems that there is no big difference in the 125% increase over the previous year, it uses the new technologies and processes independently developed by us, which are the same as the track and field venues of the world university games we are laying." Zhangzunjie said that many invention patents and utility model patents such as "a kind of water-based environmental protection plastic runway adhesive" and "a new type of water-based environmental protection permeable plastic runway" were used. "So far, there is no second enterprise in China that can make the performance of 'water-based runway' reach the physical performance of oil-based runway." Zhangzunjie introduced that in February this year, Jiangsu Province released the special action plan of "two reductions, six treatments and three improvements", which made it clear that by 2020, the total emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the province would be reduced by 20%. It is clear that the use of water-based coatings will be mandatory, and the substitution of low VOC content coatings and adhesives must be fully realized by the end of 2017

as the "Jiangsu Province building exterior wall energy conservation and insulation system engineering technology research center" recognized by the provincial science and Technology Department, Mahayana environmental protection is currently tackling the research and development of water-based Eau technology for the roller skating track in our city. In recent years, the business volume of Mahayana environmental protection Co., Ltd. has shown explosive growth. Last year, the business order taking volume doubled, and it is expected to grow at a rate of more than 150% this year

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