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Jiangsu beiren: the wave of machine replacement is not over, and welding experts are marching forward on the waves

core view: Recently, the Sci-tech Innovation Board has been successively declared by enterprises. Among the enterprises that have been declared at present, high-end equipment is an important direction for the sci-tech innovation board. The series of special reports of "scientific innovation" will focus on the analysis of the industry and enterprise competitiveness of the applicant enterprise. The subject of this analysis is Jiangsu beiren, a system integrator in the field of welding robots in China

industrial robot industry: there is something to be done by changing machines for people, and engineers' dividends make system integrators bigger and stronger. With the gradual disappearance of China's demographic dividend and the rapid expansion of the demand for industrial robots in the manufacturing industry under cost pressure, China's industrial robot market shows a trend of rapid growth. According to our calculation, the current recovery cycle of industrial robots is expected to be shortened to 2.45 years. Under the "scissors gap" formed by the rise of labor costs and the decline of robot manufacturing costs, the payback period of robot investment will be further shortened. If engineers' dividends are cast into the system integrated photoelectric encoder, the pulse signal output business will become bigger and stronger

from the perspective of demand structure, the application field of industrial robots has gradually expanded from automobiles to electronics, metal chemical industry, food and beverage and other fields. From the perspective of international competition pattern, at present, the industrial robot market is mainly occupied by abb of Switzerland, KUKA of Germany, FANUC of Japan and Yaskawa electric. With the growing maturity of the robot industry, if domestic enterprises can also participate in international competition, they will fully enjoy the dividends brought by market expansion and in-depth industrialization

several beiren are fixed at Jiangsu frequency: the vertical application field of deep ploughing robots. The main business of the domestic welding robot system integration expert company is the overall system integration solution for industrial robot automation. From the perspective of product structure, the company's main products are industrial robots for welding, which are widely used in automotive, aerospace and other fields. According to Paisi data, the sales volume of welding robots in China reached 30200 in 2017, a year-on-year increase of 12.3%. From the perspective of industrial chain 3. Control system: the company is a downstream system integrator, which is expected to benefit from China's engineer bonus and achieve rapid business growth. According to the disclosure of the annual report, the company's welding robot revenue in 2018 was 363million yuan, accounting for 88.1% of advanced composite materials. The compound annual revenue growth rate was 46.74%, which is the most important revenue source of the company. In addition to the automotive sector, the company has also actively expanded high-end equipment manufacturing businesses such as aerospace, military, shipbuilding and heavy industry, and has opened up a number of large customers including Shanghai Aerospace, Shenyang aircraft, Shenyang Liming, caterpillar, Xi'an Kunlun and Zhenhua heavy industry. Horizontal comparison shows that there is still room for improvement in the company's revenue scale and profitability

risk tips: the risk of the sustainability of scientific and technological innovation ability, the risk of macroeconomic cyclical fluctuations, the risk of intensified market competition, and the risk of the declaration process

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