The most popular water-based ink has precipitation

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The water-based ink has sedimentation and the ink color is not bright. Is there a problem with the quality of the selected ink?

the sedimentation of the water-based ink has occurred, but it has also brought us many innovative uses. After mixing, the sedimentation disappears, and the ink becomes uniform, which does not affect the printing quality until it reaches the demand. This is because:

(1) the ink is too thin and easy to be layered

(2) the viscosity of the ink is not low, but the proportion is large. It may contain more fillers. The proportion of fillers is usually larger than that of the ink, which is easy to sink. Therefore, it should be fully stirred before use

however, if the water-based ink is still uneven after mixing, the sediment still cannot disappear completely. This is because the water-based ink has been stored for too long, its quality has deteriorated, or the selection of pigments and resins does not match

the ink color of water-based ink is not bright because:

(1) poor choice of pigments

(2) the resin does not match with the pigment

(3) add new TPE grade excessive additives that can adhere to various engineering plastic materials

(4) the ink has been stored for too long and its quality has deteriorated. (zhangzhirong, technical director of technology center of Gaoshi coating (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.)

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