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Water based coatings have put a green coat on China's automobile industry. In recent years, domestic automobile sales have increased rapidly, and the amount of automobile coatings has also shown a rising trend. From the overall development trend of China's economy, China's automobile market will further expand, which undoubtedly brings opportunities for the development of China's automobile coatings industry

as we know, automobile 5. The fluctuation range of power supply voltage should not exceed ± 10% of the rated voltage of the intensive PC device inspection plan in Asia. The paint can be divided into oil-based paint and water-based paint. Among them, oil-based coatings are traditional automotive coatings, which use organic substances as the main solvent; The water-based coating is a coating with water as the main solvent. The emission of volatile organic compounds in the water-based coating is 60% - 70% lower than that in the oil-based coating, which is more conducive to environmental protection and the health of operators. Moreover, the water-based coating can also effectively improve the maintenance efficiency of automotive paint, making the color and spraying effect of automotive repair closer to the original quality. With the continuous promotion of the concept of low-carbon environmental protection in the whole society, water-based automotive coatings will become an inevitable trend for the future development of automotive coatings industry

the road of water-based automotive coatings is not smooth.

there is no doubt about the future water-based automotive coatings. However, the road of water-based automotive coatings is not smooth. At present, many enterprises still reject water-based automotive coatings. One reason is the cost problem. As the technical content and raw material price of water-based coatings are relatively high, the cost of spraying water-based coatings will also be relatively increased, which restricts the development process of domestic environment-friendly water-based coatings to a certain extent; Second, due to the inherent concept of people, many employees of enterprises have reached a fairly proficient level in the construction process of paint coatings when carrying out tensile tests in accordance with astmd638 and iso527. Therefore, the transformation from paint coatings to water-based coatings will inevitably have an adaptation process, which also leads to the suppliers' negative or slow state in the use of water-based coatings; In addition, some construction personnel have limited knowledge of the harm of paint to human body and environment, which is also one of the reasons for this situation

water based automotive coatings will have great potential in the future

according to the analysis of insiders, with the current rise in oil prices and raw material prices of coatings, as well as the allocation and use of a large number of professional fire-fighting facilities in the production process of oil-based coatings, coupled with the national requirements for the production and transportation of oil-based coatings, paint coatings are also facing considerable cost pressure. Moreover, with the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection and the quality of construction personnel, people's requirements for paint and coating construction have become more and more stringent. These are undoubtedly good news for the promotion and application of water-based coatings, which also means that in the next few years, water-based coatings will gradually occupy an advantage in this competition, and are likely to occupy most of the automotive coating market at one fell swoop

in China, with the improvement of people's living consumption level and the substantial increase of purchasing power, the consumer market of automotive coatings will become more and more prosperous, but behind the prosperity, there are often derivatives of various fancies. Therefore, the government will inevitably introduce relevant measures to forcibly improve the standards of automotive coatings. On the one hand, the further improvement of coating standards can improve the market access threshold of products, and urge coating enterprises to strengthen the monitoring of product raw materials and production process, so as to ensure the quality of related products; On the other hand, it can also promote coating enterprises to speed up the pace of product structure adjustment and accelerate the application of environmental friendly waterborne coatings in automotive coatings. Although the current regulations and policies of the coating industry still have limited reflection on the concept of environmental protection, and some mandatory laws and regulations are far out of date, with the gradual maturity of the process of water-based automotive coatings and the deepening of people's understanding of the advantages of water-based coatings in the automotive industry, the large-scale application of water-based coatings in the domestic automotive industry is just around the corner

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