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Usually, the master room is the focus of the decoration of the whole home. The decoration of the master room is related to the fate of the master, so the decoration Feng Shui taboo of the master room needs us to avoid; Then in Feng Shui, what are the taboos of Feng Shui decoration in the master room? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

master room feng shui decoration taboos

what taboos does the master room feng shui decoration have

(1) the plane layout

master room design, in addition to the general requirements of bedroom design, must also be comprehensively considered from the personality types, living habits, aesthetic interests and other aspects of both husband and wife. In order to ensure the privacy of the master room, it is generally set at the end of the whole room to avoid streamline crossing and external interference as much as possible. (guidaye Fengshui www.guidaye.com)

(2) color matching

in order to create a quiet and soft atmosphere, the color of the master room should generally be light and elegant, such as milky white, light yellow, light blue and other colors. If contrasting colors are used locally as embellishments (such as pink purple or blue on the light yellow tone), the proportion of color matching should be considered

(3) lighting requirements

the light in the bedroom should not be too bright and direct, and indirect lighting and adjustable light sources should be used as much as possible. Secondly, the lighting should be coordinated with the indoor color, such as white light and fluorescent light. The former is more suitable for setting off the static atmosphere

(4) material selection

the development of modern material science and technology provides a greater choice space for interior decoration. The choice of materials for the master room should not be rigidly adhered to, but there should be reasonable limits on the amount of various materials used. Large area bedroom materials should be quiet and comfortable materials such as wall cloth, fabric tapestry, wood, etc. the ground should be paved with carpet or wood floor. These textures are consistent with the function of rest, and have sound-absorbing and moisture-proof characteristics. In order to ensure the quiet of the bedroom, a large number of hard materials such as glass, marble and metal should be avoided

(5) atmosphere shaping

how to create a quiet, leisurely, warm and comfortable atmosphere? The decoration atmosphere of the master room should be consistent with its function. Although the specific style of the master room varies greatly according to the age, personality type, educational background and aesthetic consciousness of the residents, a bedroom environment with appropriate temperature, tone and light is always the scale of an ideal bedroom

what are the Feng Shui taboos in the decoration of the master room

1 The orientation of the master room

the relationship between the orientation of the master room is as follows:

Oriental: great. Facing the rising sun every day can make people energetic and hardworking

West: it's not suitable. In the face of the infinitely good sunset, coupled with the summer heat left by Xizhao, people's health will be poor

South: not suitable. The main hobby is vanity, ignoring the valuable family life

North: OK. However, if the anti-corrosion and cold proof equipment of the house is not good, it will be disadvantageous

2. The shape of the master room

the shape of the master room is best in four squares. It can make the people lying in it feel stable and have a deep sense of security. People who sleep can be very relaxed, which is very beneficial to health. If square design cannot be used due to the restriction of residence, rectangular design is also good. However, the less the difference between the length and width of the master room, the better

the master room cannot be designed into a circle in general houses. Because the round master room will make people who rest indoors have a sense of rotation and uneasiness. After living here for a long time, people are prone to symptoms such as depression, lack of sleep, dizziness and so on

in addition, other shapes such as triangle, Pentagon, octagon, semicircle, etc., but these shapes are harmful to human health. The master's room is a place for recuperation, and everything should be quiet

Feng Shui taboo on the decoration of the master room

the quality of Feng Shui in the master room directly affects the owner's wealth, career, future and family. According to the three requirements of Yangzhai, the master bedroom of the main stove is very important, which is second only to the gate. His orientation, lighting, ventilation, color, decorations, lighting and flowers are quite exquisite, because the owner has 1/3 of the time to spend in the bedroom in a day, including the skin relatives between husband and wife, In such a home, the bedroom is also the only exclusive place. In general, the southeast and northwest should set up master bedrooms. The northwest initiative, mature, stable, responsible, Southeast master fame, culture, and upward. Setting up master bedrooms in these two sides is easy to be valued by leaders, and easy to be respected by others in work and life. The use of colors should be combined with the orders of the Lord and his wife as much as possible, with simplicity, lightness, and warmth, Roughly, it can be divided by directions. Green, blue and black should be used in the East and Southeast directions, purple, yellow and black should be used in the south, slightly red, beige and white can be used in the west, red, yellow and beige can be used in the north, gray, red, yellow can be used in the northwest, light yellow, orange, Brown can be used in the northeast, and light red and Brown should be used in the southwest

the following points should be paid attention to in the placement of the bed: 1. The head of the bed should not be close to the window, which makes people feel uneasy and seriously affects the quality of sleep. 2. Objects should not be hung on the head of the bed, including photos of husband and wife, or handicrafts, which makes people feel a sense of crisis, and those who are serious are prone to migraine. 3. The head of the bed should not rely on the toilet, and the shower room makes people prone to gynecological diseases. 4. Comb mounted table mirrors should not be placed in front of the bed. Reflective glass can disperse air. Under long-term irradiation, it is easy to get scared or trance, and serious cases will cause cardiac dysfunction. 5. The bed should not be opposite the door or placed next to the door. Living in such a place is difficult to gather money, and it is difficult to ensure privacy and due sense of security. 6. It is not suitable to hang chandeliers and horizontal and vertical beams on the top of the bed, which are easy to bring misfortune to the owner of the house. 7. The master bedroom is forbidden to put God Buddha statues, knives, guns, swords and other lethal weapons, which will bring dangerous disasters to the owner of the room





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