The amount of housing decoration loans is related

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Of course, the first thing to do when you get the new house is to decorate it! For rent with cleaner pockets than hands, they can only apply for a decoration loan, but they don't know why the bank only approved such a little money. Xiaobian tells you that the amount of housing decoration loans is related to these

consumer loans can be divided into mortgage loans and unsecured loans according to whether the applicant provides collateral, that is, we often say credit loans. No matter what kind of loan, the minimum amount of each loan applied for decoration loan is 5000 yuan. The maximum will not exceed 150000 yuan

however, in the process of loan, how much loan limit the applicant can obtain is closely related to personal qualifications. As we often know, if the mortgage loan is mortgaged by the house, the general lending amount is within 70% of the housing market valuation, and will not exceed 70%

if the applicant has applied for a mortgage loan for the house and applies for a decoration loan for the house again, the total loan amount will not exceed 80% of the assessed value of the house market. In other words, the higher the market valuation of the house, the higher the amount of loan available

through the introduction of Xiaobian, I believe you have a certain understanding of the amount of housing decoration loans, and also know why your own amount is less than others




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