New concept of connotation anti-counterfeiting and

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The new concept of connotative anti-counterfeiting and its reliability

"connotation anti-counterfeiting" can be divided into four categories from its deeper anti-counterfeiting physical and chemical characteristics and applications: first, physical "connotation anti-counterfeiting": a series of "connotation anti-counterfeiting" products are made in commodities by using physical acoustic, optical, electrical, magnetic, thermal, mechanical and metal characteristics, such as watermark, concave convex engraving, safety line, magnetic password and thermal expansion fit gap, as well as the "connotation anti-counterfeiting" technology expanded by super anti-counterfeiting technology. 2、 Chemical "connotation anti-counterfeiting": anti-counterfeiting identification is carried out by using the "tracer substance" composed of the color and time displayed in the commodity by the chemical change of the admixture, that is, adding a certain substance to the commodity according to the chemical reaction of the substance under specific conditions, such as printing technology of photochromic, thermochromic, piezochromic and magnetic color changing ink, temperature change anti-counterfeiting technology and fluorescence The application of phosphorescent compounds will issue "ID cards" to commodities to prevent the counterfeiting of fake and shoddy commodities. 3、 Electronic "connotation anti-counterfeiting": the anti-counterfeiting technology using high-tech microelectronics has developed rapidly in recent years, and there are many kinds of methods. At present, the commonly used are laser holographic image, equipped with swing frame, non impact shutdown and automatic return to zero position, computer network and computer-aided recognition system, communication, digital library, voice, laser scanning, digital printing, etc, Password, new digital anti-counterfeiting technology, etc. make this microelectronic technology into a password label, which is integrated with the goods, making it difficult for counterfeit goods to counterfeit. 4、 Biological gene "connotation anti-counterfeiting": a novel connotation anti-counterfeiting technology developed by introducing modern high-tech biological gene into connotation anti-counterfeiting technology. It is characterized by the use of unique deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) as the base material to participate in anti-counterfeiting, that is, using the inherent gene specific mark of biology itself, that is, the genetic code of DNA is made as the material of connotation anti-counterfeiting, that is, the material with physical and chemical characteristics is grafted on the animal and plant DNA as the "tracer material", also known as the identification material of connotation anti-counterfeiting, as the anti-counterfeiting material. It is reported that China's Suzhou Lubo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has developed unique connotation anti-counterfeiting products with high scientific and technological level in this regard, such as DNA biochip, DNA sensor, DNA wire, DNA vaccine and so on, which have achieved good anti-counterfeiting effect in the commodity market

to sum up, "connotation anti-counterfeiting" is a part of the anti-counterfeiting discipline and the result of the comprehensive application of anti-counterfeiting technology of various disciplines. The biggest feature of adopting "connotation anti-counterfeiting" technology in commodities is that it makes it difficult for counterfeit commodities to counterfeit and crack, and has high confidentiality performance. Finally, it can prevent counterfeiting and immediately distinguish the authenticity of commodities. It can play a great role in protecting brand commodities, but the "connotation anti-counterfeiting" adopted for commodities must be anti-counterfeited according to the characteristics of commodities. For example, the "connotation anti-counterfeiting" adopted for some mechanical products and electrical products such as tobacco, wine, food and clothing will have a significant effect on anti-counterfeiting, and it is difficult to be cracked after the "connotation anti-counterfeiting" is adopted in the production of coins, certificates and cards

"connotation anti-counterfeiting" has the progressiveness of the 300000 ton aluminum alloy new material products processing project signed by zhalut banner with a total investment of 1billion yuan. It is easier to crack down on counterfeits than the anti-counterfeiting of outer packaging, and it is easier to prevent the infiltration of fake and shoddy products. Because its technology is difficult to counterfeit, grasp and crack, its crackdown on counterfeits will be more effective. Although "connotation anti-counterfeiting" is a new concept, its actual effect is the result of the combination of various disciplines. "Connotation anti-counterfeiting" is improved in continuous development and combined with other anti-counterfeiting means to crack down on fake and shoddy goods, safeguard the rights and interests of consumers and protect the reputation and legitimate rights and interests of brand enterprises

with the continuous expansion of market economy, the introduction and application of new anti-counterfeiting technology will push the anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting to a higher stage

source: HC360 Huicong anti counterfeiting industry channel


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