Glass in the hottest Shahe area fell to varying de

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The glass in Shahe area fell to varying degrees

in 2015, we should further expand the use of areas. In December, with the continuous progress of society, the glass in Shahe area began to fall after holding steady for nearly half a month. After new year's day, the number of price adjustment manufacturers began to increase, and the decline also began to increase. In a short period of more than half a month (December 21 - January 9), some local specifications of glass have fallen. 5 yuan/square meter, with an overall decline of 10%-15%. In terms of products, all specifications have actively cultivated high-level and high-energy innovation platforms in the field of new materials to varying degrees. The current price is basically the same as last year, and some specifications are lower than last year

the comparison between the current glass price and the same period in 2015 is as follows:

as can be seen from the above table, in general, the current price is basically the same as that of the same period last year, 4. The quotation of 8mm specification is slightly higher than that of last year, 3. 8mm specification is lower than last year, 4. 8mm is mostly used for architectural glass, 3. 8mm is mostly used in decoration or deep processing industries. Due to different industry applications, the winter market is slightly different, but the overall decline is not reduced. At present, the glass market is relatively stable compared with last year, and the dew point temperature has risen in the 20th century. In the winter of 15 years (December - February next year), the market has not significantly improved compared with 2014

the 2016 Spring Festival is on February 8. According to the performance law of the month before the 2015 Spring Festival on February 19, the glass in Shahe area will continue to decline in the next month, but the trend will gradually slow down, and some manufacturers will have holidays in succession. A few days before the festival, the market may remain stable, and some manufacturers that are still selling have rebounded slightly

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