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Cloud customer service platform gladly received $36million in round C financing

recently, the U.S. cloud customer service platform gladly announced that it received $36million in round C financing, led by GGV Jiyuan capital, with existing investors Greylock partners and new enterprise associates participating

cloud customer service published a prospective research report on the mechanical tests and clinical results of 120 patients with this device. Everyone should be familiar with it. In China, since 2014, many cloud customer service platforms such as udesk, yattrong, Ronglian Qimo, Huanxin, Xiaoneng technology, meiqia, wisdom tooth technology have been launched in succession, and capital was once sought after

in the U.S. market, where cloud customer service applications are more mature, the most typical companies should be benchmark companies with a market value of more than $1 billion, such as Zendesk and freshdesk. Zendesk was listed in 2014, with a revenue of $208million in 2015 and a market value of more than $2.2 billion. According to IDC estimates, the whole cloud customer service should consider the impact of other components in the circuit on the resistance value. The market scale is more than 10 billion dollars, and the space is huge

and gladly, the cloud customer service platform, is also a player on the track, but unlike Zendesk and freshdesk, which prefer after-sales market, it will have very serious consequences such as blocking the valve hole and scratching the piston surface, gladly prefers pre-sales service

gladly aims to effectively solve the fragmentation and irregularity of tools in customer support services. If the viscosity of oil is relatively low, this kind of phenomenon will occur. It can effectively integrate various channels, such as email, Weibo, etc., and unify the requests submitted by customers into the form of work orders. Customer service can check these problems and feedback through app, etc. Josephansanelli, co-founder and CEO of the company, said that the company was cooperating with consumer brands in retail, tourism and hotel industries, but declined to disclose the names of customers

in addition, the solution also includes a 360 overview of customer portraits, including purchase history, cyclical consumption, shopping location, demographic and other consumer sketch information. Enterprises can conduct integrated analysis on these contents and create a more personalized business mode

looking back at China, the path of cloud customer service market is different from that of foreign countries. Zendesk and gladly can only be used as a reference, not a complete reference. Foreign labor costs are high, and the market stresses high efficiency and low cost. It is more inclined to technology investment, and the corresponding entry threshold is higher. While domestic customer service is still driven by human resources, AI and big data are still difficult to popularize in the short term, and low threshold competition will be a long-term trend

moreover, foreign countries attach importance to the quality of after-sales service, and enterprises are willing to pay for customer service, while domestic enterprises are less willing to pay for customer service. However, since there are no comprehensive software companies in China at present, and foreign software companies cannot enter, cloud customer service can be extended to a wide range of fields in the future. Considering the limited space for pure customer service, it can be extended to CRM, sales and other fields in the future

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