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Give play to the advantages of industry associations to promote regional cooperation and development

in the 27 years of reform and opening up, especially after China has established the framework of socialist market economy, China's economy has continued to develop rapidly. It is generally believed that the three metropolitan areas of the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and the Bohai Bay Rim are the three engines to promote China's economic development

the Yangtze River Delta metropolitan area has unique geographical advantages and is the most prosperous region in China's history. With Shanghai as the core, including 15 prefecture level and above cities (15+1) in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province, it is known as the sixth largest urban agglomeration in the world. It is the most developed place in China with the most prosperous culture and the densest population, industry, city and wealth. With a land area of 1% of the country (10024.2 square kilometers), the Yangtze River Delta raises 5.9% of the population (75.7058 million people) and distributes 8.3% of the prefecture level cities (55 cities) in the country. According to statistics, the GDP output per unit land area of the Yangtze River Delta last year was 338.81 million yuan/square kilometer, accounting for 19% of the country's GDP (3396.3 billion yuan). In other words, the population density of the Yangtze River Delta is six times the national average, the economic density is 19.5 times the national average, the urban density is 8.3 times the national average, and the per capita GDP is more than three times the national average. It has taken the lead in achieving China's goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects by 2020 (that is, the per capita GDP is 3000 US dollars). Therefore, the Yangtze River Delta is the leading demonstration area for China to basically realize modernization

the strong development of regional economy has driven the development of regional packaging industry. According to statistics, the output value of the national packaging industry in 2005 was 401.687 billion yuan. Including: 24.722 billion yuan in Shanghai; Jiangsu 50.549 billion yuan; Zhejiang is 52.84 billion yuan, a total of 128.111 billion yuan, accounting for 31.89% of the total output value of the national packaging industry. From this, we can see that the development of packaging industry is an important symbol to reflect the level of regional economic development

first, the joint development of the packaging industry in the Yangtze River Delta has unique geographical advantages

building a new highland of the packaging industry in the Yangtze River Delta is the desire of the people. It is the need of development, market competition, complementary advantages, and the revitalization of resources. The Yangtze River Delta has a good foundation, a large market and a unique geographical advantage

1. The integration of traditional culture has promoted the economic interaction in the Yangtze River Delta

the geographical location of the Yangtze River Delta is a strip of water, and the local customs, living habits and language communication formed by cultural accumulation come down in one continuous line. It is a consensus that all parties in the Yangtze River Delta can reach that the sea embraces all rivers and integrates into the urban economic circle

2. The convenient transportation network has opened up a green channel for cooperation in the Yangtze River Delta

Yangtze River Delta jiao6 The test results of the electronic tensile testing machine can be output in Excel format. It has obvious advantages. Highways, railroads, waterways and shipping ports are connected, and air routes are woven. It has established a good circulation environment and is opening up a convenient green channel for the development of the packaging industry in the Yangtze River Delta

3. The long-term cooperation experience has laid a solid foundation for the joint development of the Yangtze River Delta

the Yangtze River Delta has a long history of economic cooperation, with a long history. In the 1970s and 1980s, Sunday engineers from Shanghai shuttled between Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces; In the 1990s, there were countless joint ventures between Shanghai and Jiangsu and Zhejiang. In the 20th century, the packaging logistics supply chain of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai gradually formed, which laid a solid foundation for the Yangtze River Delta

4. The cooperation of local industry associations has built a bridge for the development of the industry in the Yangtze River Delta

the main functions of the electronic universal experimental machine for the Yangtze River Delta local packaging line located in East China 1 Software platform: VC programming, an independent device software industry association that can operate under Windows 98/2000/XP system, has been active for more than 20 years. It has given full play to the functions of the association, carried out fruitful industry activities, research, investigation, visit and study, and experience exchange, and made suggestions for the development of the industry in the Yangtze River Delta, so as to achieve resource sharing, experience sharing, and information sharing, which has built an overpass extending in all directions for the development of the industry

second, strengthen regional cooperation and improve the work of the association

1. The characteristics of regional economy are unity, and the advantages are in the whole. Unity is its core and essence. To change the situation that the packaging industry in the Yangtze River Delta is large but not strong, we deeply realize that in order to rapidly expand and develop in the increasingly fierce market competition and truly build into a strong packaging area, we must form a joint force, based on regional advantages, effectively integrate various resources and take the road of industrial agglomeration. In the new round of competition, we will strive to focus on technology support, which belongs to the highest level in flame retardant materials, increase investment, cluster development, brand strategy and other key points. Actively guide enterprises, take assets as the link, take mergers and acquisitions and cross regional vertical division of labor within enterprises as the main ways, actively implement the "going out" strategy, vigorously carry out cross regional, cross departmental and cross ownership asset operation, and seek new development in the development process of collectivization, diversification and specialization. The association can do a lot in this regard. At present, only 250000 Zhejiang people operate in Shanghai, and countless Zhejiang enterprises invest in Shanghai. 30% of the packaging products used by Shanghai enterprises come from Jiangsu and Zhejiang, which fully shows the characteristics of complementarity, intersection and integration of the packaging industry in the Yangtze River Delta, and thus determines a complementary and interdependent pattern

2. Rely on the special advantages of Shanghai international metropolis. In recent years, our two provinces and one city outsourcing association has carried out some influential activities

first, the "first Yangtze River Delta Packaging Development Forum" was held in Shanghai last year to exchange and summarize the development of the packaging industry in the Yangtze River Delta and the implementation strategies of promoting "packaging power" with the two themes of "rejuvenating packaging through science and education" and "coordinated development"

the "Second Yangtze River Delta Packaging Development Forum" will be held in Hangzhou next year, and the two themes of "packaging and circular economy" and "packaging and innovation" will be preliminarily determined

second, the first "Oriental Star" corrugated box quality evaluation activity is another important content of the regional linkage cooperation of Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province and one city Packaging Association. It has played a positive role in promoting the cooperation and development of the carton industry in the Yangtze River Delta, improving the overall quality level of the carton industry, improving the enterprise brand and enhancing the market competitiveness of the whole industry, and is deeply welcomed by the majority of enterprises

third, various activities support, participate in and interact with each other, which has produced good results, enriched the work content of the association, and enhanced the centripetal force and cohesion of the association

fourth, through the association of two provinces and one city, we solved some disputes in the business activities of enterprises, timely resolved contradictions, and solved problems for enterprises

3. Mutual visits, communication and exchanges between associations play a role in learning from each other, learning from each other, expanding the working ideas of the association and improving the working level of the association. From time to time, we organize the staff of the Secretariat of the association and the secretaries general of various professional committees to communicate with each other. In particular, the successful experience of the three key breakthroughs in the service of Shanghai outsourcing association has a profound impact on us and is worth learning. "The association is to do what enterprises need, but can't do by relying on a single enterprise; the second is to do what the market needs, but no one can do; the third is what the government needs, but can't do. Service is the foundation of the association. Without this foundation, nothing will be achieved."

III. some experiences of doing a good job in regional cooperation

1. Regional cooperation and linkage is not only the need of industry development, but also an important means to build a strong packaging province (city)

2. Regional cooperation and linkage have been welcomed and participated by the majority of packaging enterprises, which shows that this path is the right one

3. Regional cooperation and linkage is an effective supplement to our industry activities and a good way to improve the work of the association

4. The key to the sustainable development of regional cooperation lies in integrity, and serving enterprises is fundamental

although we have made some attempts in regional cooperation, there are still many problems that need to be further explored and improved. We firmly believe that as long as we adhere to the scientific concept of development, firmly grasp the important strategic opportunity period, combine the actual situation of the region, integrate resources, be brave in practice, coordinate development, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, jointly build a "strong packaging region" in the Yangtze River Delta with Shanghai as the core, and make new contributions and create new experience for the construction of a "powerful packaging country" in China

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