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Give full play to the role of industry associations to promote the health of building materials packaging industry, and the development of chemical enterprises that cannot provide solutions and operate the customization mode of the end market

the building materials Packaging Committee of China Packaging Technology Association is a branch of China Packaging Technology Association, mainly composed of enterprises engaged in the production of building materials packaging, enterprises using building materials packaging, and related machinery manufacturing, scientific research, testing, information, standards, colleges Circulation and other enterprises, institutions and individuals. The association is entrusted by government departments to exercise the management function of building materials and related packaging improvement; Deliver relevant policies and information to member units and relevant enterprises; Publicize and implement packaging standards, carry out technical exchanges, hold press conferences, introduce production experience, provide supply and marketing channels, and promote the development of building materials packaging and related packaging

the service object of the building materials Packaging Committee is all enterprises in the industry. Through holding various meetings and publications of the association, it will widely introduce the new products, new materials, new equipment and new measures of members and related enterprises, and provide market information and supply channels for member units and related enterprises; The association will also carry out technical training, product identification, enterprise fixed-point, standard discussion and other activities to promote the development of building materials packaging and related packaging

in its future work, the building materials Packaging Committee should fully use the experimental machine to stretch, tensile strength, yield strength and elongation of metal tensile samples at the speed specified in gbt228 standard, give play to the role of intermediary organization, further do a good job in standardized management, deepen the reform of the association, standardize the behavior of the association, give full play to the function of industry associations to safeguard rights and interests, strengthen industry self-discipline, and according to the relevant provisions of social organization management, Actively review and register the branches of the Association; Strengthen the adjustment and standardization of institutions, and provide the government with decision-making, policy consultation and other bridges and ties

we should firmly establish the awareness and concept of serving the enterprise wholeheartedly. Service is the essence of the association's work. The association serves enterprises, industries and governments, but the largest amount of work is to serve enterprises. The purpose of serving the enterprise is the same as that of serving the industry and the government. We should not only solve the common problems in the industry, but also solve the individual problems of the enterprise. This is not something that any individual can complete, and can only be completed by the industry association. The association is the organization of the enterprise itself, and the enterprise is the "food and clothing parents" of the association. It is necessary to earnestly form a good situation that the association serves the enterprise and the enterprise supports the association, so as to achieve the purpose of the association serving the enterprise

we should strengthen the construction of the association. The new team is facing new situations and new tasks. The working team of the association should keep pace with the times, adhere to the policy of "running the meeting in accordance with the law, democratically and by entrepreneurs", and use collective wisdom and strength to overcome difficulties and complete various tasks of the association

in the future, the association should do more comprehensive services, establish a new image of the association, expand its influence and enhance its cohesion by increasing publicity, information network construction, publications and briefings. The association should do everything possible to serve the enterprises. Recently, the association has made a comprehensive investigation on the implementation of the new national standard of cement packaging bags, timely reflected the voice of the enterprises to the competent departments, and put forward a number of practical and feasible amendments to the 2002 national standard of cement bags; The association cooperates with China Packaging News to jointly publish the special edition of the building materials packaging conference, handle the mail order business of the directory of Chinese cement enterprises, organize a technical expert group to better serve enterprises, and establish a building materials packaging network. These are all dual services for enterprises and the government

the work done by the association has never been for the purpose of making profits. The fund of the association depends on the support and assistance of the majority of member units, and on serving the industry. There is no reason for the association not to serve member units. 4. Filters: filters without blocking instigators are good

effectively allocate and make use of various resources to do a good job in the work of the association. Among the leaders of the association, 19 presidents and vice presidents are from enterprises, in order to play their leading role in an effective way and create conditions for entrepreneurs to run the association in the future. The association should also give full play to the energy of the Standing Committee units, member units and the majority of member units, and at the same time, constantly develop new members, all of them work together to promote the comprehensive and in-depth development of building materials packaging work

under the condition of market economy, associations should have a sense of crisis and urgency. As a social group, the association also has the problem of survival of the fittest in market competition. While doing a good job in the current work, the association should study some forward-looking issues, keep pace with the times, forge ahead, and make due contributions to the development of building materials packaging industry

the association has broad prospects for work. Under the leadership of China Packaging Association, relying on the joint efforts of building materials packaging members and related enterprises, we will be able to run the association well through unity, struggle, development and innovation

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