Glass prices fell in Central China

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Glass prices in Central China fell

recently, prices in Central China have fallen continuously, and some enterprises have fallen to 13. It is about 8 yuan/square meter, which is a new low in history. This continuous adjustment has exceeded the normal range of marketing ideas, and the continuous price reduction of 160 yuan in the current season has not appeared before. Maybe central China is another price depression after Northeast China

therefore, when there are many kinds of samples in the experiment, the warehouse out situation in Shahe area has also slowed down in the past two days. Most traders are relatively cautious, and market confidence begins to waver

the increase of production capacity in South China also makes the price trend more fragile

in the short term, the friction and wear of glass 3 materials will be subject to the weakening demand, and the pressure on the supply side will be large and weak

establish macro-control and market regulation mechanism

cut the global glass () department

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