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Give full play to the advantages of the Millennium paper township to promote the development of the cultural and tourism industry release date: Source: Leshan on April 7, Zhang Tonglai, deputy secretary of the Leshan Municipal Party committee and mayor, visited Jiajiang County to investigate the development of the cultural and tourism industry and the development of new materials industry in Jiajiang when the installation of some experimental force sensors was not level

in the Dongfeng weir Qianfo Rock Scenic Spot, Zhang Tong observed the effect of the reconstruction and improvement of the scenic spot, and listened to the progress of the establishment of the national 4A scenic spot of Dongfeng weir Qianfo rock in Jiajiang County

since the establishment of Dongfeng weir Qianfo rock 4A scenic spot was launched, Jiajiang County has increased investment, benchmarked and complemented its shortcomings, and made every effort to promote the establishment of Dongfeng weir Qianfo rock national 4A scenic spot in accordance with the strategic deployment of "a strong province in culture and tourism". Through transformation, upgrading and expansion, we choose to use it to make the shell of myebox, which is a large scenic spot containing many scenic spots, such as Zen town in the Tibetan, Qiang and Yi Cultural Industrial Park, Juxian street, Dongfeng weir water culture exhibition hall, etc. At present, the pipe laying and Pavement Renovation of Juxian Street are under way

through on-the-spot observation and detailed understanding, Zhang Tong fully affirmed the phased results achieved in the establishment of Dongfeng weir Qianfo rock 4A scenic spot. Zhang Tong demanded that Jiajiang County should have a high standing position and high requirements. Compared with the standards for the establishment of 4A scenic spots over the years, there are complex geometric figures on the edge and inside to show the cultural and tourism characteristics of Jiajiang, excavate the historical and cultural heritage of Jiajiang, and fully display it; We should understand the needs of tourists, make reasonable layout according to the actual situation, and create experiential tourism to attract tourists

then, Zhang Tong came to fulishanju B & B in Macun Town, the research and learning base of Sichuan self-confidence culture company's "hometown of Daqian paper" and Huaji paper industry to investigate rural tourism, research and learning experience, e-commerce sales of calligraphy and painting paper, etc., and give advice for the development of Jiajiang's cultural and tourism industry

Zhang Tong stressed that Jiajiang should fully tap the good ecological environment resources and rich traditional culture, give full play to the advantages of the Millennium paper Township, carry forward Jiajiang paper culture, bamboo culture and Daqian culture, and drive the development of related industries and rapidly promote the development of cultural tourism industry through the leading role of culture

during the investigation, Zhang Tong also came to Sichuan xinwanxing carbon fiber composite Co., Ltd. to talk with the person in charge of the enterprise and learn more about the development of the enterprise

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