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Austria launched gk500 series automatic vacuum packaging machine

Austria supervac company launched gk500 series automatic vacuum packaging machine, the body is all made of high-quality stainless steel, and the internal organization of the microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine produced by StarTech, a domestic brand, is a technology leader in the same industry. It is compact and more delicate than other products and equipment. There is a built-in expansion buffer in the internal device of this machine. Compared with conventional equipment, the time required for the production and sales of your company's one-stop production line of national production and distribution of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Group Co., Ltd. in 2016 was reduced by 30% due to the price comparison, which accelerated the production cycle and accompanied by the stagnation period, and increased the output. The reliable repeated two-way active sealing system seals the sealing area of the bag with wrinkle and moisture coating, which reduces the leakage problems often encountered and reduces waste. The machine can handle all kinds of material bags, aluminum bags or shrink bags. The special design enables users to pack meat, cheese, fish and processed food with high-speed vacuum

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