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There were contradictions in the development of dairy packaging machinery industry in 2005

in recent years, with the rapid development of China's dairy industry, the competition among dairy manufacturers has become increasingly fierce, which has also driven the development of its related processing and packaging machinery industry

the focus of domestic dairy competition with serious homogenization of industrial structure is focused on the competition for milk sources, market share and technology upgrading. This market opportunity has spawned many new product levels. Except for a few dairy giants, most dairy enterprises are looking for tested products that convert their limited resource advantages into market economic benefits to be placed in the test area, looking for survival and development space

due to the limited capital, if they want to change the "bottleneck" of dairy development with limited technical conditions, they need to choose dairy processing and packaging machinery with excellent cost performance and reasonable operating costs. Because the price of foreign products is too expensive after long-term development, they place more hope on domestic dairy processing and packaging machinery with relatively low price

at present, domestic dairy packaging and processing machinery has formed a relatively perfect product system in terms of common technology and conventional equipment in leading the team to develop China's first optical power thermal analyzer, but it is still unsatisfactory in terms of key equipment and key technology. In the context of the vigorous development of China's dairy industry, people ignore the development of packaging and processing machinery technology, which is an indispensable part of the industrial chain, in the various debates about milk source, market and industry

(information source: mechanical and electronic channel sub station)

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