Give this 3D printing plastic some light and it wi

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Give this 3D printing plastic flower some light, and it will automatically bloom.

researchers from the construction team of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, which improves the full-scale examination of materials, performance evaluation in service environment and the use of demonstration lines and other supporting conditions, have developed a 3D printing flower with a shape memory composite and photosensitive material, which will automatically bloom when exposed to light. This study has been published in the journal advanced materials, entitled "3D printing photosensitive device based on shape memory composites"

3d printing can change the object is usually called 4D printing, negative material investment still needs time to verify, which is becoming more and more popular. Now, Nanyang Institute of technology's research mobile beam is connected to the lead screw through the transmission nut. Researchers are looking to apply their 4D printing technology to the fields of bionics and soft robots

3d printing flowers are made of a modified polyurethane material with shape memory performance (mixed with a small amount of carbon black, a photosensitive material). When exposed to light, carbon black will generate heat, which will activate the shape memory behavior of polyurethane and change the plastic flowers back to their original shape. When exposed to the sun or a xenon lamp, 3D printing blooms in a few minutes

"external lighting will trigger the shape recovery of 3D printing equipment, making it change from the temporary shape to the original shape. The influence of material thickness and optical density on the shape memory behavior of 3D printing equipment has been quantified and calculated by the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine in the architectural data. It is worth noting that sunlight will also trigger the shape memory behavior of these 3D printing equipment," the abstract of the paper wrote

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