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Give play to the characteristics of digital proofing and grasp the advantages of digital proofing

today, the mainstream mode of printing production has developed from the traditional analog workflow to the direction of high-quality and efficient digital workflow. In the process of digital printing, digital proofing is the key technology. It is very important to promote the application of digital printing process and meet the production needs of users. Digital proofing, as a new proofing production method, has been concerned by the majority of printing users at present, but due to its technical structure and production mode compared with traditional proofing, there are many innovations and differences, so that users still have some doubts when investing in digital proofing. As an integrated company of domestic printing equipment, technology and process, through the analysis and research of the global digital proofing software and process and the engineering production experiment combined with the printing conditions in China, gaoshu technology has launched the blackmagic digital proofing system, which is widely concerned by the domestic printing industry, and automatically saves some experimental data and curves; The representative users who used blackmagic digital proofing conducted follow-up services and exchanges in technology and management, and gained many successful experience in investing in blackmagic digital proofing system for users, and applying blackmagic digital proofing system for printing production, management and higher return on investment, so as to promote the development of digital proofing and digital workflow in China's printing industry

Mr. xuezhiming, general manager of Beijing tianzerun company, who is engaged in professional plate making and proofing, once went to Germany to study printing, and has a comprehensive understanding of digital proofing and digital workflow. They chose the digital proofing system composed of gaoshu's blackmagic+rolandfj500 printer. Yang Hongbing, general manager of Hangzhou Meihong plate making company, which is located in East China, is sensitive to the technical advantages of digital standard long revision system code proofing based on his rich experience in plate making and printing for a long time. Therefore, among many digital proofing systems, the digital proofing system composed of high-tech blackmagic color management software +roland FJ 500 printer and HP5000 printer was selected and quickly applied to production, seizing the opportunity of technology and market, which not only achieved good benefits, but also won extensive praise from users. When talking about the success of digital proofing, the two bosses talked freely and introduced some of their experience and experience from choosing to using blackmagic digital proofing system. Xue Zong said "In fact, a few years ago, I came into contact with digital proofing. From the application of foreign advanced printing plants, digital proofing represents the future development of proofing. Although digital proofing cannot completely replace traditional proofing in the short term, digital proofing is suitable for the requirements of digital production. It is a kind of proofing technology with convenient use and better quality. At present, the limitation of digital proofing is the adaptability to special paper. For example, if customers require special paper proofing, you can only Use traditional proofing. "

speaking of technology, Xue's general experience is: "I think we must pay attention to the following characteristics when choosing digital proofing: first, the color should be accurate and the adjustment process of color should be simple. Second, we should have the true point function, that is, the digital proofing system can simulate the effect of traditional proofing points. Because to some extent, the point determines the color, level and texture of the sample, and it also conforms to the habit of printers to judge the quality according to the point. Third, the proofing software must be able to accept the data after rip, because the data before rip cannot It is found that the errors produced in the rip process, such as word dropping, position shifting, etc., cannot reflect the real situation of the final printing after proofing. 4、 It should also be able to carry out color separation and spot color printing to meet some special requirements of users. In addition, digital proofing should also be intelligent and humanized. For example, it should be fast, it can make simple composition (save materials and reduce costs), and it can also have functions such as automatic proofing, soft proofing, network control and so on "

when it comes to system selection, President Xue said proudly: "Before I finally decided to purchase blackmagic proofing software, I made a lot of detailed investigation and Research on the characteristics and requirements of digital proofing, and focused on measuring the return on investment. In previous years, digital proofing was too expensive to be accepted by people. Today, digital proofing should be recognized by users whether it is system price, proofing quality, or proofing cost, and has formed a huge potential market. At present, there are The price of the code proofing system is about 200000 yuan, the proofing cost is at least 5%~10% lower than the traditional proofing, and the investment return period is relatively fast. After careful investigation and comparison, I chose the blackmagic digital proofing system of gaoshu. Now let's see that it's a forward-looking and profitable decision to purchase blackmagic proofing system. Because this system not only has the technical conditions I mentioned, but also the operation is very intuitive and simple. It took me only a few hours to fully master its application. Through local control, the client can be installed on different systems with high speed and good compatibility. It supports ICC profile and can print true point clear samples up to 175 lines. Of course, compared with other systems, the price is higher, but I think it is worth the money. "

in view of users' doubts and problems about digital proofing, Yang Hongbing, general manager of Hangzhou Meihong plate making company, said: "Because digital proofing is a new concept, there are few users, and users' understanding of the use process is not very correct, and some unpredictable problems may occur in use, which is very normal. Objectively speaking, gaoshu blackmagic digital proofing system, because they have done a lot of production tests in the early stage, and found out more perfect experience. In our company's use, whether the color and dot effect of the sample is better than the traditional proofing, It meets the requirements of end users for printed matter, and can make our users feel more satisfied. 3. Spring fatigue testing machine sheet metal: it is a kind of protective layer for the appearance of spring fatigue testing machine, and the use effect is relatively good. However, there are still some deficiencies in all digital proofing at present. First, the dark tone level is particularly rich, and the control of color is difficult. Second, point. Because digital proofing is a point that simulates traditional proofing, objectively speaking, it is not true point in the traditional sense. But in terms of texture, the dot effect produced by using blackmagic has fully met the needs of printed matter. With the dot effect produced by using blackmagic in combination with Roland machine and HP5000 machine, my customers have been very satisfied and fully accepted digital proofing. "

the development of digital proofing and advanced blackmagic digital proofing system, President Yang made some comments: "I think digital proofing and traditional proofing will coexist for a long time in the future, but because digital proofing reduces the professional technical requirements and experience of personnel, the proportion of digital proofing will soon exceed traditional proofing and occupy the vast majority of the market. Digital proofing that does not accept post rip data, has no true point function, and does not support ICC profile will be eliminated by the market. With the improvement of printer micro piezoelectric and thermal foaming inkjet technology, The true point technology of digital proofing will be closer to the point of traditional printing, and achieve the same quality and effect as traditional proofing. " For the harvest of using gaoshu blackmagic digital proofing system, He said: "After using the high-tech blackmal drop experimental machine: testing the drop resistance GIC digital proofing system of products falling freely at a certain height, my business volume has increased significantly. More and more customers require digital proofing. I use blackmagic's excellent color management, which can not only achieve a complete set of color parameters, but also allow color managers to do small fine-tuning tests, eliminating the need for local correction of colors according to customer requirements." A lot of time. "

the two bosses emphasized: "we like blackmagic and its unique true point function very much. As far as we know, blackmagic is the digital proofing software with the highest number of actual print lines in the market at present, and has outstanding spot color support function. Blackmagic can express spot color in the form of CMYK, RGB, lab, etc., and supports most Pantone colors." Finally, President Yang was pleased to emphasize that "through the integration of gaoshu blackmagic digital proofing system and our company's technical strength, it is no exaggeration to say that we own and actually make the best digital proofing in the country. We are full of confidence in the future of digital proofing."

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