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To create a simple and elegant style of living room, glass partition is preferred. Glass partition is also called high partition, high compartment, high partition, partition, finished partition, etc., which are called differently according to different regions

the main function of glass partition is to use glass as the distance between spacer rollers, which can adjust the wall to divide the original space, and make corresponding design and changes, so as to make full use of the existing space, strive to maximize resources and meet the demands of all kinds of home and office. The glass partition is basically composed of tempered glass, which is not only relatively beautiful in appearance, but also durable and greatly improved in safety, so as to truly realize the perfect combination and complete unity of shape and quality

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in the era when the traditional architectural decoration style is falling behind day by day, people are more appreciative of the living room effect created by the high partition. Through the real case, it shows everyone its magical effect one by one, and also makes everyone more convinced. Based on their own living conditions, it will be more and more common to maximize the general lighting and heat insulation functions, and make full use of glass to provide one-stop services from design to manufacturing and processing for automotive enterprises. Glass partitions will create an ideal living environment. In this context of advocating green and environmental protection, the recycling and environmental protection of glass partitions are favored by many people. Its broad consumer market is gradually opening up, and it is also moving towards ordinary people's homes at an alarming speed. I believe that the rapid increase in demand will stimulate the competing investment of the glass industry, and will also open up another world for the development of glass, inject endless vitality into its development, and bring infinite business opportunities

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