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Since December, the Ministry of environmental protection has continuously notified many enterprises in North China of their illegal discharge of pollutants, including many enterprises in Hebei. On December 9, Nandu accompanied the North China Inspection Center of the Ministry of environmental protection to Shahe City under the jurisdiction of Xingtai. Shahe has more than 40 glass enterprises, in addition to two ceramic enterprises. When the inspectors entered the workshop of Bandung Ceramics Co., Ltd., the smoke choked, and the originally gray sky became extremely bright under the reflection of the dust. The inspectors went to the monitoring room and found that the SO2 index exceeded the standard seriously

after walking back and forth in the workshop for several times, the supervisor asked, and the person in charge of the factory insisted that there was no problem. In fact, the original dust removal opening software device outside the workshop was not installed, and the desulfurization device was in vain. After several cross examinations, the person in charge stopped talking until the supervisor was anxious, "is there a desulfurization and dust removal device used? It just didn't open, right?" The person in charge blushed and admitted

in early December, when Beijing first launched the red warning of heavy air pollution, Nandu went to Shijiazhuang, Xingtai and other places with the North China supervision center of the Ministry of environmental protection to supervise and inspect. It was found that although the emergency plan had been launched, when enterprises illegally discharged, did not take desulfurization and dust removal as required, and other phenomena still existed. People from the environmental protection system pointed out that for a long time, Hebei has concentrated small enterprises, had many historical debts and backward environmental protection facilities. In the joint efforts of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei to control haze, Hebei, which has a heavy task, is still a "short leg" that cannot be ignored. "Industrial siege", "steel dominance" and "coal dominance" are the main factors of environmental pollution in North China. The layout of industrial structure and energy structure have become the bottleneck of environmental protection in North China

there is a popular saying in the environmental protection system that is familiar with the river and can also be used as the tensile or compressive, zigzag and shear test of plastic, concrete, cement and other metal materials. Although every city has haze, the taste is different: Baoding coal ash tastes very strong, Xingtai Shahe is the choking smell of glass quartz sand powder

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