Caterpillar reaffirms its commitment to the Chines

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Caterpillar reaffirms its commitment to the Chinese market and sustainable development

caterpillar reaffirms its commitment to the Chinese market and sustainable development

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from March 18 to 20, the China development high level forum hosted by the future experimental data center of the screw rod in the development research of the State Council was held in Beijing. Bob de Lange, President of caterpillar group, and Chen Qihua, vice president of caterpillar worldwide and chairman of caterpillar (China) Investment Co., Ltd., attended the forum

China development high level forum is the first large-scale national international forum after the "two sessions", which aims to "dialogue with the world and seek common development". It is an important platform for dialogue between global business leaders, international organizations, Chinese and foreign scholars and senior leaders of the Chinese government. With the theme of "China and the world: economic transformation and structural reform", the forum held in-depth dialogues and discussions on major topics such as innovation driven development, supply side structural reform, made in China 2025, environmental governance and sustainable development, opening up, financial risk prevention, as well as hot topics such as globalization, China US relations, and the "the Belt and Road"

when talking about the problem of manufacturing industry flowing back to China, which is widely concerned by the market, Du leqian reiterated, "we have a long-term commitment to China, hope to further help China's economic transformation, and fully support China's' the Belt and Road 'initiative. We have developed in China for 40 years, and we will continue to develop failure analysis here for another 40 years, or even longer."

for the sustainable development of China's economy, Du leqian said, "Sustainable development and environmental protection are also topics and areas that we are concerned about. From the product level, caterpillar is constantly exploring engine emission technology and seeking to reduce engine gas emissions. At the same time, as a long-term partner in China's construction machinery industry, we also hope to promote the whole industry to implement more stringent environmental protection technical requirements."

Du leqian specially added: "as a sensible local corporate citizen, we hope that our employees in China can enjoy 'blue sky, green water and green mountains' and have a better living environment. We very much support the initiatives and plans of the Chinese government in sustainable development and environmental protection."

caterpillar has attended the China Development Forum for 12 consecutive years. For more than a decade, the forum has become a platform for caterpillar to communicate with government leaders, global business leaders and scholars. It is also a window for caterpillar to deeply understand China's development strategies and grasp future opportunities

for Chen Qihua, who has participated in the China Development Forum for many times, this year's changes show the expansion of the vision of the forum. "The past topics mainly focused on China, and this year's theme means that we are still waiting for experiments to break the Chinese economy and put the Chinese economy under the global framework. The growth, reform, adjustment and sustainable development of China's economy are closely related to the overall development of the global economy."

speaking of the made in China 2025 strategy, Chen Qihua stressed: "we are taking China's manufacturing plants as a global manufacturing base to create a 'made in China' business card in the global market. Now our products made in China have entered Thailand, the Middle East, Africa and other countries, and have been highly praised by customers."

it's better to watch his actions than to listen to his words. Having participated in the development of China for more than 40 years, caterpillar has grown from a small office to today's large enterprises covering all business modules, including 27 factories, 4 R & D centers, 3 logistics and parts centers, as well as financial leasing, strong agents and supplier networks. Committed to long-term development in China, caterpillar not only designs and develops products and manufactures locally in China, but also continuously develops local suppliers, actively trains local leaders, builds business models in China, and realizes its long-term commitment to future development

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