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Caterpillar: information technology promotes sustainable development of infrastructure

caterpillar: information technology promotes sustainable development of infrastructure

where did China's construction machinery information go in the end? If I tell you again,

the 8th international infrastructure investment and Construction Summit Forum, CO hosted by the China Chamber of foreign contractors and engineers and the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Bureau, was held in Macao on June. With the theme of "building a diversified, innovative, industrial linked and sustainable infrastructure", this forum attracted more than 1700 industry elites from 63 countries and regions, including 57 ministerial officials, the world bank Senior executives of 32 international financial institutions, including the Asian infrastructure investment bank, and representatives of more than 630 enterprises, including international contractors, international industry organizations, equipment manufacturers, consulting service institutions, and industrial chain service providers

Bob de Lange, President of caterpillar group, delivered a speech as a special guest.

during the 8th international infrastructure investment and Construction Summit Forum, a sub forum entitled "new material workshop establishes a research group for change and Innovation: the road to sustainable infrastructure development" was held. Bob de Lange, President of caterpillar group, delivered a speech as a special guest, He said: the concept of sustainable infrastructure development is equally important to engineering equipment suppliers. Caterpillar has integrated it into its core values and gradually implemented it in cooperation with partners in various countries

the transcript of the speech will also put forward requirements for titanium dioxide enterprises in terms of cleaner production, air pollution prevention, water pollution prevention, solid waste treatment and so on:

first of all, on behalf of caterpillar China, I would like to thank you for being invited to attend the forum! China's major initiative on international infrastructure investment cooperation has received extensive support from the international community, and caterpillar will continue to support and participate in this initiative. The theme of today's meeting is to realize the development of sustainable infrastructure through change and innovation. I want to talk about my understanding from the following three aspects

first, sustainable business model

everyone knows about caterpillar more or less. Caterpillar has been established for more than 100 years and has experienced more than 40 years of development in China. We are committed to establishing a sustainable business model in China. This sustainable business model is not only reflected in our 28 production bases in China, but also in our training of Chinese staff shares and the ability of Chinese leadership team and scientific research team. Caterpillar believes that through these diversified investments and inputs, we can root the company's development in Chinese society, and caterpillar's business in China will therefore achieve sustainable growth

in terms of the concept of green development, caterpillar China has also inherited the group's consistent purpose. We are committed to this in our factories and our products, and hope that through our efforts, we can achieve business development while maintaining China's green mountains and blue skies

second, promote sustainable infrastructure development with equipment data interoperability

caterpillar's core intelligence is reflected in the development of information technology, the popularization of digital technology and the provision of sustainable solutions. Through our work, we help our customers achieve a wider range of equipment information 2.1 food contact materials and more interoperability of products, which greatly improves the production efficiency of our customers and stimulates the vitality of business innovation

caterpillar is also committed to providing customers with environment-friendly project solutions, reducing the production costs of construction enterprises through equipment maintenance, operator health management, fuel technology innovation and other ways, improving work efficiency and construction progress, so as to reduce the impact of engineering projects on the environment

caterpillar has rooted the concept of sustainable development in the core of corporate culture. We believe that this is not only the embodiment of the company's business behavior, but also the obligation of a responsible enterprise. We believe that in the next 10 years, through the technological innovation of engineering equipment, the development of international infrastructure construction will usher in new major breakthroughs

Third, take the opportunity of sustainable infrastructure to deepen cooperation

thanks to the recognition of the concept of sustainable infrastructure development, we are here today to hold a grand event. At today's forum, we can have the opportunity to fully communicate with governments, enterprises, financial institutions, service and equipment suppliers and industry organizations to understand everyone's views on the future development of international infrastructure, which is very important for the next step to expand our cooperation. I believe that under the concept of sustainable infrastructure development, the prospect of international infrastructure investment and construction will be broader, and our footprint will spread all over the world

finally, on behalf of caterpillar, I would like to thank you again and hope that we can have the opportunity to carry out deeper cooperation in the near future

thank you

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