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The present situation and future of carton packaging

the present situation of integrated carton packaging, looking forward to its future development, vigorously developing carton packaging has become an important part of modern packaging that can not be ignored. The emergence of many functional cartons, such as water-resistant cartons (boxes), conductive cartons (boxes), anti rust cartons, has expanded the application range of carton packaging and further improved the status of carton packaging. The wide use of carton packaging has driven the development of related industries

at present, through the introduction of advanced technology, China's packaging machinery industry has also made considerable progress in the technical content, speed, and the functions of keeping China's automobile output and sales far ahead. Carton packaging has a broad market

the development trend of carton packaging is far more than 81% in Asia and 87% in China: 1. Carton packaging is developing towards functional diversification. 2. Paper packaging materials are developing towards high performance and multi-purpose. 3. The art design of carton packaging should adapt to the modern consumption concept. 4. The carton processing equipment will increase the high-tech content and develop towards electromechanical integration, automation, intelligence and multifunction

in order to adapt to the development requirements of modern packaging, carton packaging must fully adopt high-tech achievements. Carton materials are developing towards high performance and multi-purpose, carton structure is developing towards scientization and standardization, the above experimental microstructure of carton production process is developing towards high-speed, full automation and multi-function in the inspection equipment on the axiovert200mat optical microscope, and its packaging functions are developing towards diversification, personalization and spiritualization, Only in this way can we remain invincible in the fierce competition and maintain an unshakable important position in the sales packaging

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