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The pattern of "three pillars" in the reading market is taking shape.

if you want to choose a reading method you prefer between traditional paper publications and online media, I'm afraid different people will have different choices. Even the same person will have different choices in different periods. Therefore, many people will come to the conclusion that the two are equally divided. However, the snipe and the clam are competing for the best. Another e-book operator who combines the advantages of the two quietly appears around them and shares the mass reading market with them. The three pillars of the reading market are taking shape

Sun Jian of Beijing Sinology times culture communication company is a person who likes reading paper publications. He said that he liked the feeling of reading in a stack of books that smelled of ink and paper. Especially when reading Chinese classical literature or prose, poetry, it is more necessary to have such an atmosphere. If you read this type of book, you won't feel it at all

in his opinion, although Internet literature has risen and e-books have become popular in recent years, it can not replace people's preference for paper books. He said metaphorically that obtaining information from the Internet and knowledge from books are like eating fast food and enjoying a nutritious meal with complete color, flavor and flavor. One is to meet simple consumer needs, and the other is to meet spiritual needs

in the interview, I learned that many people like to search for books in the library like Sun Jian. Every time there is a discount in the book market or bookstore, they will buy a few books like a holiday, put them at home and put them on the bookshelf. Watching them quietly is also a kind of enjoyment

although paper books have their unique advantages, with the progress of the times, their original dominance is gone forever. This is a situation that traditional publications have to face up to

Xiao Cao, regional manager of Shaanxi Bolong Culture Communication Co., Ltd., is a fashionable young man. He likes the feeling of surfing on the Internet. He said, how can modern people study or die? Reading requires music accompaniment and visual impact. Only in this way can we have the feeling of reading. 3D printing composite materials help newborns grow healthily. He introduced that the main channel for obtaining information is network. For example, you can search for any information you want and any books you want to read. Why go to the bookshop to rummage about? It's too inefficient. Xiao Cao said

obviously, Xiao Cao spoke about the feelings of most young people now. The person in charge of a network media company said that this is the main reason for the current rapid development of digital media, because this form of reading has a solid texture and pleases the vast majority of young people

apart from these two reading methods, is there a third reading method that can integrate the strengths of these two methods? Hong Kong hongyuanfa, which has obtained the invention patent for the paper window electronic reading system, has covered more than 40 claims, including the design of new alloy components, the whole process manufacturing and processing technology. Qiu Yanwei, the person in charge of the Exhibition Co., Ltd., said with a smile that of course, there are. This is an e-book. He believes that e-books not only have the characteristics of paper printing, but also have the characteristics of fast, convenient and large capacity of online books. The e-book industry that combines the two will be the third largest way of reading in the future. With the gradual industrialization of E-book Industry, it will share the reading market with traditional printing and network media

in the exhibition hall, many manufacturers exhibited e-paper books. The new product of Shenzhen yiwanjuan Cultural Industry Co., Ltd. is also a kind of e-paper book, which has won more favor with its light weight and large capacity. We saw at the scene that the size of the product is similar to that of ordinary books, and the thickness is less than 1 cm. Such a gadget can easily hold 20000 books, which means that a small library can carry it in its pocket

some units began to study how to graft real paper books onto the electronic brain. Hong Kong Hongyuan Development Co., Ltd. launched paper windows. At the ICIF site, although there was no product launch of paper windows, it still attracted many people's interest due to its advanced concept

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