Current situation and future of the hottest Indian

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Current situation and future of Indian Paint Market

current situation and future of Indian Paint Market

june 2018 leather belt composite materials, plastic profiles, waterproof coiled materials, steel pipes, copper materials, profiles, tension spring steel, bearing steel, stainless steel (and other high hardness steel), castings, steel plates, steel strips, non-ferrous metal wires, etc. 12

[China paint information] March 8-10, 2018, Mumbai, the financial capital of India, held the "2018 India paint Exhibition". The three-day exhibition attracted more than 240 exhibitors from India, China, ASEAN countries and Europe. According to the organizers, more than 5200 people took part in the event. Paint world participated in the three-day event and talked with some important stakeholders at the exhibition

with the support of India's strong economic growth, India's paint and coating industry is expected to achieve steady growth in the short and medium term. With more and more Indian young people joining the labor force and gaining disposable income, India's young population represents a huge opportunity, which also indicates a good prospect for India's paint and coating industry

on the one hand, the decorative coating market is expected to usher in higher growth. The financial incentives given by the government to the housing sector are of great benefit to the housing market, which will benefit the major market participants

on the other hand, although the demand for industrial paints is tepid, it is expected to increase in the future. This has become the leader in producing such products with pure domestic materials, processes, technologies and equipment due to India's increased investment in infrastructure. In the current period, both Indian domestic and global automobile giants have long-term plans for the Indian market, which bodes well for automobile coating manufacturers. The increasing demand for industrial coatings, especially powder coatings and high-performance coatings, will promote the growth of Indian paint industry in the short and medium term

it is worth noting that despite the large scale of the paint and coating market in India, the per capita usage in India is still very low. Nitin Tewari, regional sales manager of AkzoNobel India Co., Ltd., told: "Compared with western developed countries, India's per capita paint consumption is slightly higher than 4kg, which is still very low. Therefore, with the development and modernization process of the country, India's per capita paint consumption is bound to increase. Most large paint companies like us are taking a series of measures to publicize the benefits of using high value-added products to consumers."

in paint and coating production, Indian coating manufacturers are considered to be backward in using the most advanced technology. In recent years, they have begun to invest in advanced technology. However, the use of technology is limited to organized sector producers. Netzsch India Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of Netzsch group. The company has advanced cavity pump grinding, dispersion and thermal analysis businesses in the manufacturing plant in Ambattur, the industrial park. It has played an important role in the position of this technology in the Indian paint industry. According to Vivek Norman, "India's coating industry is investing heavily in advanced process equipment. A few years ago, one palm could count the number of users with advanced technology. However, in recent years, India's coating industry has realized the importance of advanced technology."

it is understood that India's coating industry consists of organizations and huge unorganized departments (accounting for 35% of the total). It hopes to reduce the proportion of unorganized departments by levying goods and services tax (GST). In the unorganized sector, about 2000 units have small and medium-sized paint manufacturers. Ajay Arora, the regional sales manager of Shalimar paints, said in an interview, "there is no doubt that the unorganized Department occupies a large share in the Indian oil 7 and the testing speed: 0.001~300mm/min arbitrary paint mixing and coating market." In fact, these manufacturers occupy a huge share in the decoration market. It has been observed that in many cases, some producers are supplying substandard products at low prices, which is a deterrent to organized sector producers in the rural market, because low product prices are the most important purchasing standard in the rural market

"with the implementation of GST (India has implemented consumption tax since july1,2017), organized industry producers like us are expected to gain huge profits." Some unorganized industrial producers will disappear in the next two years because their legal compliance will become difficult in the next few days, "he added

kostron coatings Kumar Iyer, sales director of adhesives and special products (formerly Bayer materials science company), said in an interview with CW television: "Over the past 80 years, our company has provided the market with comfortable upholstered furniture, safe car seats, protective coatings and lightweight composite materials. Now, we are working closely with Indian end users to teach them the advantages of Pu over other traditional materials and develop materials specifically for the Indian market. We are committed to further developing Pu based sustainable solutions and will further develop high-performance Efficient coating raw materials. "

elementis specialties India is a subsidiary of elementis PLC, a global specialty chemical company in the UK. The company has been providing high value-added functional additives to the paint and coating industry. At the exhibition, Sachin dhamanaskar, the company's national sales manager, said: "the use of high-quality raw materials in India's paint and coating industry is gradually increasing. The improvement of end-user awareness and the demand for high-quality products have always been the main demand drivers for the country's high value-added characteristic products."

in the past few months, the rising crude oil price has made many Indian paint and coating manufacturers faint worried, because half of the raw materials used in the coating industry are based on oil. Priya Pillay from VAK, India, said: "The fluctuation of crude oil price is inevitable for the global paint and coating manufacturers. We also enjoyed a quiet period for several years, when the crude oil price was still in a very comfortable range. However, when the rise in the price of raw materials led to the rise in the price of coating products and had a negative impact on the overall demand, the calibration method of oil concrete pressure testing machine: paint manufacturers and raw material suppliers can hardly control it."

in recent years, the use of environmentally friendly paint and coating products has gained an increasing market share in the Indian market. However, according to Mukesh madhup of 3m in India, a large part of this demand is driven by environmental regulations

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