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Current situation and future of domestic flexible packaging equipment since 1993, several key enterprises have put into development and trial production of domestic high-speed gravure printing machines. From 1995 to 1996, the prototype production was completed and a small number of them were used in user assessment. Mass production started in 1997, which can be basically divided into the following three types:

1) medium width and high precision: Yaa microcomputer controlled high-speed gravure printing machine and YAB computer centrally controlled high-speed gravure printing machine of Shantou Huaying flexible packaging equipment General Factory; A2 j60700a unit type computer gravure printing machine of Shaanxi printing machine equipment Co., Ltd; Shantou Shanzhang light industry machinery and steel parts factory SGF series computer-controlled high-speed gravure printing machine. This series of products have a wide market, mature technology and high application value. Based on the spring printing machine required for the replacement of seven color gravure, the price is about 1-1.5 million yuan

2) it has an automatic overprint control system, but the overall configuration is general intaglio printing, such as: Debao yad71000d, yad6600d computer chromatic intaglio printing machine; Wenzhou Shenli ya6600 and YA61 high frequency fatigue testing machines are equipped with corresponding test fixtures, and are equipped with 000 computer gravure printing machines; Haining Yiqiao djzy-600 computer chromatic intaglio printing machine has complete product width specifications, medium precision and low price. The price of the seven color intaglio printing machine is about RMB 450000 ~ 1million

3) wide width and high precision: azj601050h high-grade unit gravure printing machine of Shaanxi printing machinery equipment factory and sgnc digital controlled high-speed gravure printing machine of Shanzhang Light Industry Machinery Factory, with a printing width of 1050mm and a printing speed of 150mm/min. Their main structure and control system configuration have reached the level of similar imported equipment. They are the main substitute for imported products. Based on the seven color gravure printing machine, the price is about 3-3.5 million yuan. At present, the manufacturers with rapid development include Shaanxi printing machine factory, Shantou Shanzhang light industrial machinery factory, Shantou Huaying flexible packaging equipment General Factory and Zhongshan Debao Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. With the development of gravure printing machines, gravure printing machines suitable for tipping paper, coated paper, white cardboard and aluminum foil have also entered the market

the status of several representative gravure printing machines in China is as follows:

1. The design structure of the whole machine is advanced and has various functions of foreign advanced models

2. Strong configuration: including AC variable-frequency closed-loop vector multi motor servo synchronous control system, automatic plate matching overprint control system, pre drive full-automatic connection system, automatic tension control compensation system, and industrial computer central control system

3. High machining accuracy and rich design experience

4. The process quality of high installation and commissioning is low, which affects the exertion of equipment effect

5. The quality management level and awareness of the enterprise process need to be improved, so as to comprehensively improve the quality level of the whole machine. In terms of future development, from the perspective of technical input of backbone enterprises, gravure printing machines with printing speed of 150 m/min ~ 250 m/min will enter the market in 2003. Due to the two key technologies of gravure printing press: tension control technology will be improved; The drying control technology related to tension will also be improved

II. Dry laminating machine and wet laminating machine in view of the insufficient technical investment of enterprises in this product, the grade of domestic dry laminating machine has been low. With the demand of the domestic flexible packaging industry and the high price of imported equipment, the domestic high-speed wide width dry laminating machine has gradually entered the market, and has played a major role in supporting the production of imported gravure printing machines

representative manufacturers include: gf-1000b Ⅱ industrial computer-controlled high-speed dry laminating machine of Huaying factory (ex factory), sdp1000 computer full-automatic high-speed laminating machine of Shanzhang factory, lm-wet/1000 high-speed dry laminating machine of Huazhou factory. The maximum working speed is m/min, and the price is about 1.5 ~ 1.85 million yuan. (the GLM -dry-n/1000 high-speed dry laminating machine controlled by Huazhou industrial computer has not been delivered yet). Zhongshan Debao fhg1000c, Wenzhou Shenli and Haining light machinery's 1000 series drying and restoring machines (which are programmable controlled by some microcomputers) have a machine speed ranging from 100 m/min to 13 M. in Xinjiang and other places, natural gas heated granulators or other plastic machines are promoted to 0 m/min. All functions have reached the level of similar imported equipment, and the price is about 800000 ~ 1000000 yuan

the domestic high-end high-speed dry laminating machine has the functions of pre drive and automatic connection for reeling and unwinding, automatic tension control of each section, synchronous control of speed (tension) between the cloth applicator and the compound roller, servo control of steam heating temperature, full machine programmable control and industrial computer control

the future development will further increase the machine speed by about 200m/min, improve the manufacturing accuracy and the stability of the control system. Adaptability to meet the needs of imported gravure printing press and domestic high-speed printing press. Wet laminating machine and various substrate coaters have also been greatly developed. In the future, the main direction is to develop solvent-free laminating machine, hot melt adhesive coater and high barrier material coater

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