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Current situation and market analysis of compound machining machine tools

in the face of fierce market competition, the way for the company to survive is to give more value to its products, which means to produce more precise and complex products. At the same time, a company must also reduce the use of funds when seeking to increase product categories. All these have promoted the development of multi-functional compound machine tools

the changing concept of compound machining machine tool

today's manufacturing industry, especially the machining site, has the following characteristics: multi variety and small batch production; Shorter delivery time; Require cost reduction; The products with complex shapes are added with the lightness and performance compounding; Lack of skilled operators and excellent technicians. In order to adapt to this situation and win in the fierce market competition, an enterprise needs new technologies and machine tools. At this time, as a "trump card", the composite machining machine tools will come on stage in accordance with the market demand

the next largest end market will be in the field of consumer products and construction. We call a machine tool with the ability to process workpieces with complex shapes in several processes and different ways as a compound processing machine tool. In order to achieve the same purpose of improving the production efficiency and the added value of the machine tool by means of process integration, there are also technical solutions to make the control coordinates of the machine tool multi-axis, expand the processing function and multi-function. Here, we call the former machine tool which can realize different kinds of processing in one machine and the latter multi coordinate control machine tool collectively as compound processing machine tool

the functions of compound machining machine tools change with the times. In the past, there was a period when machining centers were called compound machining machines. However, because the variety of tool exchange processing was limited, and they could not go out of the field of cutting processing, general machining centers are no longer called compound machining machines

the development and production of compound machining machine tools have been continuously promoted in the market demand. Especially recently, the sales of machine tools that combine turning functions and rotary cutting functions has increased rapidly. In the future, it is expected to reach the production and sales scale comparable to that of machining centers

current situation of compound machining machine tools

compound machining machine tools generally have these characteristics: few settings, sometimes even one-time; Complex workpiece does not need to be processed on multiple machine tools; Reduce the clamping times of workpiece; The number of machine tools on the processing site is reduced, so there is no need to invest a lot on the site

machine tool manufacturers are adapting to the expanding market in two ways. One is that the machine tool they designed can carry out more than one processing process. Now, some machine tools can provide milling, drilling, tapping, turning, grinding, welding and leveling functions. Another obvious multi-functional way is to accelerate the workpiece clamping speed to make the machine tool produce high output, which is mainly realized by adding a robot or workpiece clamping mechanism in a single machine tool or unit. Another interesting factor for multi-function machine tools is that most automation and aerospace manufacturers now tend to reduce their own processing scale and require suppliers to directly deliver modules for assembly. Analysts see that large companies are faced with many problems, such as quality assurance and aging equipment, which can not process high-precision workpieces in large quantities. Therefore, some large quantities of workpieces are now broken down into small batches and subcontracted to multiple suppliers. All these provide a place for compound machining machine tools to exert their talents

machine tools are composed of functional unit components

Makino company in the United States is a company specializing in the development of grinding technology. Initially, they provided electroplated CBN grinding wheels for traditional machining centers. Now they have greatly expanded this technology and developed a composite grinding center with ceramic grinding wheels in addition to electroplated CBN grinding. Now, when machining hard nickel alloy materials, grinding has become a primary rough machining process in addition to the traditional final finishing. This is an eye-catching reform, which realizes flexible manufacturing that can be processed and ground on a machine tool

makino uses a standard machining center platform and provides a unique grinding selection package. In addition to electroplated CBN grinding wheels, the company can now provide grinding selection packages using ceramic grinding wheels. In addition, Makino has added special cooling circuits and wheel grinding capabilities to support the grinding function. The second axis of the machine tool is attached with a diamond grinding roller to support continuous grinding. It includes continuous and intermittent grinding systems fixed in the working area of the machine tool. Because sharp abrasive particles can be continuously exposed and the grinding wheel has very good shape retention ability, this continuous grinding ability greatly improves the productivity and quality. The change of grinding wheel profile can be completed by calling different grinding rollers and grinding wheels in the tool library, which is similar to the tool change method of machining center

the use of coolant is an important control factor in the machining process. If too much coolant is used, it is just like the water is durable and reliable on the aircraft, and the workpiece cutter is not in good contact; Using too little coolant will not only reduce the cutting speed, but also burn the workpiece. Therefore, the machine tool has another set of nozzles for milling. If necessary, the spindle coolant can be added

makino is 360 ° around the grinding wheel? A set of high-pressure nozzles is installed on the grinding wheel. This programmable nozzle is used to inject high-pressure coolant into a porous wheel in front of the grinding wheel. Centrifugal force pushes the liquid out of the wheel. Enough liquid will wash the wear debris out of the wheel, so as to maintain the cooling of the workpiece

module design is the key

emag company is unique. It has many basic machine tool platforms, which can be improved to meet the specific requirements of users. Therefore, most of its machine tools are customized by users, using the method of adding modules. For example, there is a vertical machining center that is very popular with users of Emag company. It can record data for turning, hobbing, grinding, quenching, assembly and laser welding

emag gets the order, the designer first finds the solution from the user's production conditions, and then creates a machine tool or machine tool production line that can complete the task. This may be a single function machine tool (grinding, milling, etc.), but it often requires multi-function design, including milling, drilling, turning, grinding, wire adjustment, hobbing, boring, welding, measurement and workpiece leveling

emag machine tool's main design features: short stroke, that is, the stroke between workpiece and cutting tool is very short; The environment is cool, and the machine tool is kept at the ambient temperature, not at any value; When the workpiece and the machine tool are at the same temperature, the best effect can be achieved; Internal system circulation can cool all heat sources in the machine tool, including motor and bearing; With minimal vibration, the foundation and columns are made of high-grade polymerized granite components called mineralit. Compared with traditional materials, mineralit's small vibration can bring good surface quality and longer tool life for machining. In addition, all power devices are not in the working area, but are installed above a rigid box structure on the machine tool, and a ribbon fluid unit is surrounded on the spindle, which can reduce the spindle deviation during vibration and load

manufacturers in the automotive and transportation industries use VSC lathes and gears? The roll milling center is used to turn rough workpiece, roll milling the next high-speed gear and repair burrs. VSC compound machine tools can also be converted from processing soft rough parts to processing hard basic machine components. For example, VSC machine tools can automatically perform soft turning to process Cast Steel pistons, followed by hard turning, drilling, milling and fine grinding with CBN or diamond wheels

Another unique function of VSC machine tool is welding unit. This is increasingly important in the laser welding of the "conveyor structure" manufacturing industry. Many mechanisms, such as drive wheels and clutches, are often machined separately first and then assembled and welded. At the welding station, the assembled workpiece is clamped, and then the weld is generated. The teeth of the two workpieces shall also be well protected to prevent the welding liquid from splashing onto the tooth surface of the workpieces. The welding station has two shafts. During the welding process, one shaft is used to clamp the workpiece, and the other shaft is used to unload the welded components and carry the workpiece to be installed next. The installed components are stacked on the conveyor and unloaded manually or automatically

emag's VSC series machining center is considered to be the world's leading lathe design. The machine tool moves the workpiece but does not move the tool. This design is the basis of most multi-functional machining centers. Only in this way can a series of cutting tools be used in the same machine tool to complete different machining processes. Therefore, the transformation from a "simple" vertical lathe to a multi-functional composite machining machine tool is realized. Emag has delivered more than 5000 such machines

expanding market and changing demand

monarch machine tool company has assembled a set of VTL type platform on the bridge frame of its machining center, which enables the machining center to achieve 5-axis function. The bridge frame controls the X, y and Z axes, a 150cm, 60kW turning/positioning workbench, a replaceable spindle head to hold the turning tool or a 50 ° taper shank tool, plus a single axis tiltable spindle head as the fifth axis. It can realize 5-axis machining, and its typical products are large valves and aero-engine components. Monarch machine tool company looks at the market of many functional machine tools and hopes that it will continue to expand. Monarch Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is carrying out the redesign of existing machine tools and some new design work, so that its vertical machine tools can have the spindle function similar to horizontal machine tools

Fuji machine tools (USA) initially manufactured machine tools mainly for mass production, often processing more than 100000 workpieces. Under such production efficiency, you can't expect to use a lathe to process milling or drilling. Today, the demand for small batches and more complex workpieces is more prominent. Some large manufacturers try to get rid of the finishing process. They want to assemble modules. With their strong promotion, their suppliers have to replace old equipment and reduce the scrap rate. To reduce costs, these companies need simple machine tools that can provide multiple functions

a machine tool company needs to meet the above new requirements of customers. A machine tool that can quickly change its function is the solution. For example, a job can be completed within 1 or 2 days of operation, and another workpiece can be completed within half a day after changing its function into another machine tool, and so on. To meet this demand, milling car series and TN line came into being. They are mainly designed for small and medium-sized factories to realize multi-functional automatic manufacturing. This is a conservative design based on one or two axes, which can realize milling, drilling or tapping. With the extensive use of milling turning centers, 5-axis machining machines have also been widely used to meet the needs of the multi-functional market. Mikron company can provide machine tools from three axes to five axes, with spindle speed of 60000r/min and acceleration of more than 1G. One of the latest products is ucp600vario, which has a power of 16kw, a spindle speed of 20000r/min, and a rotating/tilting workbench that can realize five axis and five face processing. To ensure accuracy, the machine tool is also equipped with vibration monitoring and intelligent temperature control module

ucp600vario five axis unit from Mikron can meet many multi-functional requirements.

composite machine tools need more robots to cooperate.

Motoman company of the United States believes that the application of robots with independent devices outside the machine tool and robots enclosed inside the machine tool will become more and more popular. They have a secret

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