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Laser printer consumables are a part of office equipment consumables. Office equipment consumables mainly include common consumables for paper document processing equipment such as copiers, printers, fax machines, mimeographs, etc. According to incomplete statistics, the sales volume of China's consumables market in 2002 was as follows: about 1.6 billion yuan for needle printer consumables, about 9.9 billion yuan for printer consumables after thermal insulation treatment for inkjet building energy conservation by 2030, about 14.8 billion yuan for laser printer and copier consumables, and 8.7 billion yuan for others, such as paper and ink, totaling 35billion yuan. Although the sales volume of laser printer and copier consumables accounts for more than 40%, the sales volume of recycled consumables only accounts for 15% of the sales volume of laser printer and copier consumables, and its market potential needs to be further explored

II. The variety of laser consumables does not keep the lubrication of the rack. The market of laser printer consumables in China started late. In the early 1990s, Beijia company introduced the LX, SX and other machines of Canon company to China. At the same time, HP also introduced its own office laser printers HPII and hpiii to the market. However, in 1996, the sales volume reached about 100000

at the end of the 1990s, the number of laser printers increased rapidly. Now there are more than a dozen laser printer brands on the market, and each brand launches new models or even more every year. According to the statistics of CCID (China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute), the sales volume of laser printer market in 2002 was 790100 units, an increase of 29.3% over 2001. In 2002, the number of domestic laser printers was nearly 3.3 million

during this period, the concept of consumables was constantly changing. In the early 1990s, when laser consumables were first introduced, there were basically no other general/renewable consumables except toner and photosensitive drum due to the single variety and small quantity of laser printers. Today, the extension of the concept of laser consumables has been further expanded. Generally speaking, the consumables include not only the toner and photoconductive drum (OPC) required by the powder box of the laser printer, but also 2. Working cylinder piston: including various accessories that need to be replaced during the regeneration of the powder box (such as scraper, seal, magnetic roller, PCR, etc.). It also includes various parts that need to be replaced during the repair and maintenance of laser printer/laser fax machine/laser all-in-one machine (digital multifunction peripheral), such as paper take-up wheel, paper feed/output lever assembly, fusing assembly, etc. According to the components, the consumables of laser printer/laser fax machine/laser all-in-one machine (digital multifunction peripheral) are as follows:

powder box

charging roller (PCR), cleaning scraper (w/b), uniform scraper (d/b), magnetic roller (MR), seal, toner, photosensitive drum (OPC), etc.

paper inlet/outlet mechanism

paper take-up wheel (p/r), sorter (s/p), paper outlet lever (d/r/a), gear, guide plate Sensors and other

fusing components

upper roller (u/r), lower roller (l/r), lamp, ceramic heater (h/e), fusing film, bushing, gear, thermal switch (t/w), thermistor (t/m), baffle (upper, lower, left and right) (cover), warning sign (w/l), etc


take Lesheng company as an example. At the beginning of 1994, when it was established, it only operated Canon LX, SX, St (and HP equivalent models) and other printer consumables, and the types of consumables were limited to toner, photosensitive drum and scraper. By the end of 2002, it had operated more than 2000 kinds of accessories/consumables for more than 150 models of more than 10 brands, including canon, IBM, HP, Lexmark, Epson, brother, Samsung, founder, Lenovo, etc. Even so, there are still a considerable number of consumables that have not been developed. According to the current speed, the new consumables launched by Rexam every month range from the baffle of Wx fusing component weighing nearly 400g to the shaft sleeve weighing less than 1G on HP lj4000; There are not only old models of laser printers such as Canon LX and SX, but also newly launched digital multifunction peripheral (laser all-in-one), such as Toshiba E-studio series, Lenovo M3000 series and other consumables of nearly 10 brands and dozens of models. The current new products mainly focus on fusing components and powder box recycling consumables, taking into account other products

III. The demand for consumables has increased sharply

with the increase of the variety and quantity of laser printers, the demand for consumables for laser printers has also increased sharply. According to the conservative calculation of 3.3 million units at the end of 2002, if each laser printer prints 20000 sheets of paper (A4) every year and consumes 0.06 g of toner per paper, then each laser printer consumes 1.2 kg of toner per year, then the demand for toner for laser printers in 2002 is 3960 tons. With the increase of laser printers, the annual demand for laser printer toner in 2003 is expected to be 5000 to 5500 tons

since its establishment in 1994, the number of single type consumables has also increased year by year. Especially in recent years, with the increase of the number of laser printers, the number and amount of consumables sold each year have also increased

with the increase in the consumption of laser printer consumables, although the unit price of the product has decreased significantly in the past decade, the total sales volume is still rising

on the one hand, the increase in laser consumables is due to the increase in the number of laser printers, and another important reason is that general consumables are gradually recognized by the majority of consumers. Before 2000, when people talked about renewable consumables, they were often compared with fake and shoddy ones. However, in recent years, more and more users accepted general consumables and began to use general consumables. After 2000, a large number of general consumables brands represented by Lesheng and Tianwei developed rapidly in the national general consumables market, and gradually occupied a place in the consumables market. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 150 domestic manufacturers producing and selling general consumables

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