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The current situation and future trend of the introduction of plastic packaging infusion in China

since Tianjin Otsuka company introduced the first plastic bottle production line in the 1980s, the formal industrial production of plastic packaging infusion began. Before that, some factories in China have tried to process infusion with PVC bags, but they have neither formed a production scale nor put them on the market on a large scale. Plastic packaging infusion production is not only a revolution in infusion packaging, but also a revolution in infusion production process and technology. Its introduction, digestion and absorption process has greatly promoted the development of infusion production in China. In the process of technology and equipment introduction in the past two decades, there are both successful experiences and lessons from failures. Its development path is not plain sailing

I. Introduction of plastic packaging infusion

1. Classification of plastic packaging infusion:

the international common infusion plastic packaging can be divided into the following types:

classification by packaging form:

bottle shape: it can stand by itself through blowing Air shall be introduced for complete evacuation during infusion

bag shape: it is formed by welding and cannot stand on its own; Self emptying during infusion

non bottle and non bag: special bottle body formed by blowing but with the appearance and characteristics of plastic bag, also known as ship type bag

classification by packaging materials:

pvc non PVC, including: polyethylene, polypropylene and composite film/multi-layer coextrusion film

classification by production process

one step: a single machine is used to complete all the production steps of the glove box container manufacturing, filling and sealing from primary materials in a work cycle

multistep process: the process of using two or more single machines in series to form a production line to complete all the production steps of container manufacturing, filling and sealing

According to incomplete statistics, as of March, 2001, 37 enterprises in China have introduced or signed contracts for the introduction of plastic packaging production lines. Among them, 21 enterprises have introduced 25 soft bag production lines (including bag making machine, filling machine and integrated bag making and filling machine). 16 enterprises have introduced 19 plastic bottle production lines (including the two-step production line for bottle making and filling and the three in one machine for blowing, filling and sealing). The design timing measurement system of all enterprises has a production capacity of about 300million bottles (bags), accounting for about 15% of the total national infusion production capacity of 2billion bottles (excluding the infusion in the hospital preparation room). The actual production capacity is still about 100million bottles (bags), accounting for 5% of the total production capacity of infusion in China. Compared with the Huangshan meeting of the infusion Professional Committee of China Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry Association in October 1998, the design production capacity has increased by 10%, but the actual output has not been greatly improved. The specific analysis is as follows:

a. plastic bottles:

(1) statistics of provinces with imported manufacturers: a total of 11 provinces and cities, namely Beijing 1, Jilin 1, Shandong 2, Shaanxi 1, Jiangsu 2, Tianjin 2, Guangdong 1, Shanghai 1, Zhejiang 3 and Fujian 1

(2) year statistics: A. 1980s: 3

b. mid-1990: 6

c. end of 1990: 2

d. 2000/2001: 5

(3) process statistics: A. 2 steps: 8

b. 1 steps: 11

b, soft bags:

(1) Province Statistics: a total of 13 provinces and cities, namely Beijing, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Shandong, Jilin, Liaoning, Shanghai, Guangdong, Jilin Hubei, Anhui, Zhejiang, Sichuan and Shaanxi

(2) year statistics: A. before 1995: no introduction of

b. 1996-2000: a total of 21 (including 9 in 1998)

c. 2001: no introduction of

(3) process and model statistics: bag making machines: 3

filling machines: 6

bag making and filling machines: 1

bag making and filling machine: 11

3 At present, there are some problems in domestic flexible packaging infusion (1) there is a lack of authoritative standard for medical plastic infusion packaging materials in China. The domestic standard for containers of medical plastic infusion packaging materials has not yet been issued. All enterprises have basically formulated the factory standard of plastic infusion packaging materials with reference to the prevailing standards in Europe and the United States. The state should pay attention to the standard of flexible packaging infusion packaging materials. Such as inspection of mold materials, stability test of chemical solution and packaging materials, etc. It not only avoids the confusion of the project unit in the selection of plastic packaging material standards, but also avoids the disorderly competition of the flexible packaging infusion production enterprises in product marketing

(2) there is a lack of technology and human resources in the production of flexible packaging infusion, which is reflected in:

the lack of strong supporting technical support for equipment introduction and digestion and absorption makes some highly automated equipment unable to be put into production for a while, and some machines are even idle in the warehouse for a long time, which brings a great financial burden to the enterprise and a great waste of equipment

before, during and after the introduction, the enterprise has not prepared sufficient human resources for the introduction of new technologies and new equipment, lacking both supporting management personnel, technical personnel and qualified operators

flexible packaging transfusion students have the advantages of beautiful appearance, convenient operation, stable performance and high reliability, and lack of mature quality assurance system. Flexible packaging infusion production is not a simple glass bottle infusion production. Its quality assurance system has changed significantly with the update of packaging. The infusion production enterprises jointly invested by multinational companies in China have brought their parent company's quality assurance system, but most of our national enterprises have failed to keep up with this pace

the production cost of flexible packaging infusion is high

there are too many supporting imported equipment, such as water treatment system/(single machine), dosing system, sterilization cabinet, external bag

installation, leak detector, etc., with large one-time investment and high depreciation

packaging materials: high quality medical granular materials, pvc/non PVC simple film, film, mouth tube, film, plastic cover, etc. need to be imported

the infusion production process has not been improved, only the packaging (filling) part has been improved, but other process parts of the production line (such as the use of high-quality pharmaceutical raw materials or the application of closed liquid distribution system) have not been improved, and there are still many operators

(3) there is no high-quality new drug support for flexible packaging infusion

more than 90% of the currently marketed soft packaged infusion products are common liquids, i.e. glucose, sodium chloride, etc. Although many project units mentioned the production of high-quality new varieties, such as therapeutic infusion, in the project approval and feasibility study stages, the actual situation is far from the case. The ultimate way for soft plastic infusion enterprises to make profits depends on expanding production scale and high-quality products. If there is no high-quality product, the current high selling price is only a short-term benefit. With the increase of the introduction of flexible packaging infusion manufacturers, there may be a soft plastic infusion war in the future

(4) market problems (mainly reflected in the infusion price and nurses' medication habits):

domestic large-scale infusion in glass and plastic bottles accounts for more than 95% of the total market, and the price has an absolute advantage. In addition, according to the operating procedures that nurses now follow, people are not easy to accept the new thing of soft bags (because the bags can not stand on their own, they can not easily add drugs). In order to promote its soft bag infusion, Shanghai Baxter spent more than one million yuan on a one-time meeting between national nurse directors and pharmacy directors. Without sufficient market promotion, it is difficult to promote the new variety of flexible packaging

II. The future development trend of plastic packaging infusion in China

the development of plastic packaging infusion in China will move forward slowly and cautiously in the future. It is believed that there will be great development after the introduced enterprises have generally achieved success in technology and market. In terms of packaging forms and packaging materials, it is certain that a hundred flowers will bloom. Whether it is plastic bottles or soft bags, no matter what kind of materials, there will be a corresponding market

multinational enterprises are the leaders in the development of plastic packaging infusion. Such as technology, management, publicity, promotion, etc. Domestic enterprises should actively seek various forms of association and cooperation with multinational enterprises to enhance their own strength

while making great efforts to introduce plastic packaging infusion production equipment, domestic enterprises try to introduce foreign advanced technology, process and management of plastic packaging infusion, and make great efforts to train all kinds of talents. We should work hard on the production of software. If we lack the items to achieve our development goals, we should fill in the blanks. If we have not yet introduced them, we should prepare for a rainy day

actively carry out scientific research and development, introduce and reserve new infusion drug varieties, improve the image of infusion products and increase the added value of infusion

vigorously carry out technical exchange and information exchange of various forms of plastic packaging infusion in production enterprises, exchange experience, learn from each other, and avoid idleness and waste of imported equipment

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